EP387: How Much Should I be Paying Myself as A Jewelry Designer?

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We just wrapped up the Jewelry Brand Makeover Bootcamp and it was AMAZING! We welcomed 172 (and counting) jewelry business owners into our Laying the Foundation Program.

During the bootcamp, I got this question several times…

How much should I be paying myself as a jewelry designer | maker?

That’s why today, I’m sharing a snippet from our Ask Me Anything Q&A. The answer to this one question is not an easy one because most jewelry business owners approach paying themselves in the completely WRONG way. 

What you pay yourself is directly related to your pricing but more than likely, not in the way you think.
Dive into today’s episode EP387: How Much Should I Pay Myself As a Jewelry Designer

Download the show notes here

The mindset and psychology behind your pricing is really powerful and an important factor to paying yourself.

During the episode, I break down…

  • Why most makers think about paying themselves in the wrong way (and it’s keeping them broke)
  • How to price and incorporate the right labor fees into your jewelry
  • The ONE metric you need to know in your jewelry business to pay yourself WELL
  • The “hourly” conundrum and mindset around your role in your company
  • And a lot more…

I hope this episode helps you understand more about how to price your jewelry, pay yourself well, and make more doing what you love!

xo, Tracy


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