EP388: Jewelry Brand Makeover Bootcamp Recap

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I am still coming down from the HIGH of the Jewelry Brand Makeover Bootcamp! What about YOU?

On the show today, I did a quick and dirty recap of some of my favorite parts of the bootcamp today and some of my key takeaways including…

  • My vision to help 1000 jewelry business owners grow or add an additional 100K to their sales or a number that’s meaningful to them.
  • Key bootcamp metrics and takeaways from the group
  • The cliff’s notes of the key takeaways from the 60 to 90 minute teaching sessions every day
  • Plus, aha moments and our favorite parts of bootcamp.

Listen to episode #388 of Thrive by Design to get your all-access pass to Jewelry Brand Makeover Bootcamp Recap

Download the show notes here

Just for fun, I want to share a bootcamp win here!

We’d love to stay connected with you long after the bootcamp is over. Here are a few ways that we can do that…

Looking forward to watching your business grow this year!

xo, Tracy


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