Episode 470: How to Double Your Online Sales in Half the Time

How to Double Your Online Sales in Half the Time

Today’s show is all about doubling your online sales, with a few simple strategies that always work. 

I’m rolling solo today, because I want to talk you through a handful of techniques that can absolutely transform your business. These ideas are not super complicated, they don’t require you to be some kind of tech genius, and best of all, they start working immediately. 

But before we get to that, a quick message: 

If you’re serious about increasing your sales in a short period of time, I’m here to help you do that. Our Train Your Customers to Buy from You Online program (TYC) is going live on April 30th. 

TYC is a 12-week sales accelerator. It helps you leverage all of your sales channels and build your revenue by pulling on different aspects of how you sell. 

We teach you how to go to the next level with your in-person sales, how to get more people visiting (and buying from!) your website, and how to optimize your marketing funnel with simple strategies that always work (a few of which I am talking about on the show today).

If you want a more leveraged way to spend your weekends than relying on foot traffic at shows or fiddling with your Etsy listing, this program is for you. If you feel burned out and exhausted from spending every weekend doing shows instead of being with your family, you’re in the right place. 

We were going to retire the TYC program last year, but we got so many messages from people wanting to do it that we decided to do one more season. Earlybird applications have already closed, but there’s still time to join if you are truly ready to take your business to the next level — click here to find out more.

Now, back to the episode. 

Can jewelry designers really double their sales online in just a few months? Yes, and it’s not just going from $5000 to $10,000 in a year. I’m talking about going from $50,000 to $100,000, or $150,000 to $300,000. 

So — why aren’t more designers doing it?

It’s simple: you have to take the right actions, and most people aren’t taking the right actions. 

One student, who will remain nameless, said this after she learned these strategies in one of our programs:

“I could kick myself because I wasn’t collecting email addresses or following up with people after shows, and now I’m going to do $8500 this month from just those basic strategies you taught me.” 

It’s not their fault — most jewelry designers just don’t know what to look for when it comes to the easy marketing wins in their business. They don’t market to their audience enough, and they are shy when it comes to sales. 

But if you’re focused on being of service, you can get amazing results with the sales strategies we cover today. 

(And if you need proof, check out this case study: Alex Camacho went from doing $65,000 in a year to over $40,000 per month because she learned how to take the right actions.)

What we cover in today’s show:

  • Why you’re going to get yourself in trouble if you’re only relying on social media or Etsy
  • Two slam-dunk strategies for increasing average order value on your website if you’re selling on a platform like Shopify (and the apps you can use to set them up automatically, even if you’re not super-tech savvy)
  • One thing you can do to significantly increase the sales coming in from in-person shows (it’s highly personalized and you can customize it in a bunch of creative ways)
  • How to invite people to buy from you again when they come to you via social media (hint: it works so well because it comes from a place of mindfulness and intention)
  • How to market to your audience it so it doesn’t feel like you’re bugging people 
  • Using these strategies with retail customers and your wholesale accounts 

I also share a selection of email sequences that will get people to take the next action after placing an order with you, finishing abandoned orders and coming back to buy after a long time away.

This episode is packed with practical, hands-on strategies that can start growing your business today. It’s only 27 minutes, too, so you can listen to it on your lunch break and be underway with at least one of these ideas by dinner. 

Don’t miss Episode #470: How to Double Your Sales in Half the Time. 

And don’t forget — Train Your Customers to Buy from You Online is kicking off (for the last time!) on April 30th! Get your application in as soon as you can if you want to join us for this incredible accelerator. 

Xo, Tracy

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