Episode 470 Bonus: How to Know When You’re Done — and What to Do Next

How to Know When You’re Done — And What to Do Next

What are you done with? 

To answer this profound question, this week we’ve got a special double-barrel episode release on the Thrive by Design podcast — How to Double Your Sales in Half the Time, and How to Know When You’re Done

Both episodes are intended to shake you up out of the parts of your life where you’re stuck and know it’s time for a change… 

The type of change that HAS to happen when parts of your life have become too painful or too uncomfortable to keep on doing the same things, over and over again. You know… the ‘rock bottom’ moment. 

Asking what I was done with in my own ‘rock bottom’ moment back in 2008 started me on the journey to the life and business I have today.

I was 40, and in total shock after the recession crashed my business overnight, taking my confidence with it. The guy I’d been dating for 3 years ghosted me. I went on vacation with two girlfriends to Nicaragua and couldn’t afford to do everything they wanted to do, and then on top of it all I got stung by a stingray at the beach one day.


I’d had enough. I was so done being broke, being taken for granted, being afraid.

On that trip I realized that I had no choice but to start doing things differently. 

I invested in coaching with Erika Lyremark at The Daily Whip, who helped me get super clear about what I wanted from my business. 

I quit dating people who didn’t truly care about me so I could make space for someone who did. 

I stopped taking custom orders from people who were not going to pay me and focused everything on building an online platform for the people who would.

And in a few months, everything was different. 

A big part of the change was figuring out how to attract the right customers to buy from my business, and charging at a level that made me feel aligned and abundant.

“What are you done with?” is a powerful question.

I asked it in our Supercharge Your Sales Challenge group last week after our members had spent the previous few days taking bold action to transform their businesses. Maybe you can relate to what they had to say:

  • I’m done hiding my true self and holding onto what does not serve me — material and mental. 
  • I’m done allowing my husband to control me and my decision, or to reword, done using my husband as an excuse for why I’m not doing what I really want. 
  • I’m done with people-pleasing and making myself smaller for others. I’m done not holding my boundaries, I’m done feeling less-than, I’m done not where I want to be financially. 
  • I’m done being so afraid, not playing full out, playing it safe. 
  • I am done with anxiety, I am done with wasting my time making customs with no deposits for customers who won’t pay. I am done with doing what people always expect me to do.
  • I am done being shy, not asking for the sale, sending emails. 
  • I’m done with doubting my abilities, with the fear that no one will buy my jewelry. 
  • I’m done with not being able to contribute to my family’s income, I’m done with treating my business as a hobby, I’m done with not seeing myself as a business owner, I’m done waiting for customers to come onto my site on their own… I’m done being scared.

If those feelings seem familiar, I have an invitation for you.

Next week we are launching our last live season of Train Your Customers to Buy from You Online, which is designed for deep transformation when it comes to sales. It is simple, it is easy to execute, and it is perfect for people who have been selling products in person, wholesale, on third party platforms, where you haven’t quite figured out how to get customers to buy from your website.

We are closing enrollment on Monday 29th April, and classes begin Tuesday 30th.

If you’ve been on the fence about applying to TYC, this is your sign. 

If you’re done missing time with your family, scrambling to make ends meet, and bending over backwards to make your business work, it’s time to make a change. 

Be done with all that. 

Check out How to Double Your Sales in Half the Time and How to Tell When You’re Done, then come back and click here to apply to TYC

Don’t miss it. This is your chance to make a real, lasting change that could be transformational for your life and business.

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