#278 How to Use Text Message Marketing to Make More Sales

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Quick question: How many hours a day do you have your cell phone on you? 

If you’re anything like me, you’re probably glued to your phone all the time. And we’re not alone!

While our phone addiction is a conversation for another time, this means BIG things for our marketing plans.

Marketing is all about showing up where your audience is, so why not launch a text message marketing campaign?

This strategy has been booming in the past few years. In fact, Gartner found the average open rate for SMS marketing as high as 98%, compared to an average of 20% for email marketing.

The problem is that most start-up brands with small marketing budgets don’t understand how to implement an SMS marketing campaign. They often fail to realize that developing a fully fleshed out marketing strategy is way more important to their growth than they give it credit for.

So instead of doing something about it, they blow off diving into WINNING strategies because of either time/overwhelm, know-how, or fear.

The truth is ANYONE can scale their sales with marketing that matters – it just takes a commitment to do it and some guidance from a mentor.

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Use Tools

Okay, before you whip out your cell phone and send a mass text to everyone in your contacts, it’s important to use an SMS tool to make the process easy… and legal.

Popular SMS marketing tools include…

The right tool will set you up with the proper systems to collect phone numbers from your customers legally and provide the necessary opt-in and out options. 

Plus, it makes things wayyyy less stressful. Trust me, you don’t want your personal phone pinging constantly with text notifications.

Have Fun With It

Just because you land in your Dream Client’s inbox, doesn’t mean they’re gonna click through and buy your product.

Think of clever ways to grab their attention – whether it’s through humor, an emotional connection, or a shocking fact.

Another way to catch their eye is by using visuals in addition to your copy. Multimedia options like images or GIFs can really pop off the screen and get customers to think twice before skipping to the next message.

Keep It Short and Sweet

Unlike other marketing platforms like social media and email, successful text message marketing tends to be on the shorter side. 

You don’t want to gain a reputation as the brand who texts long, winding diary entries to your customers – that’s what they have friends for.

Stick to the keywords and phrases that define your brand and really connect with your customers’ needs, wants, and desires to capture their interest.

If you’re really stumped for good ideas SMS marketing ideas, listen to the full episode above for examples and suggestions.

Happy texting!

xo, Tracy


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