#277 Conversations and Community Building on Social with Laura Milne and Betsy Milne from Luscious Hustle

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This week, I’d like to introduce you to the ultimate duo – and no, they're not related!

Laura Milne and Betsy Milne are transformational business and branding coaches, podcast hosts, and creators behind the growing tribe and coaching brand, Luscious Hustle!

The two met through a coincidental connection online and have been attached at the hip ever since. Together, they’ve built a robust community of entrepreneurial women with a purpose.

Laura and Betsy described themselves as “nobodies” on the internet when they first started. They built their audience from the ground up by prioritizing authentic connection.

I knew I had to get them on the podcast because these ladies are amazing!

They sat down with me to talk through the details of how to start conversations in the DMs that lead to community, sales, and growth.

Plus, more tips on how to build an audience from scratch!

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Take Your Idea and Run With It

Laura and Betsy have found their passion in helping other women take a spark of an idea and turn it into a powerful brand.

They highlight the importance of aligning your work with what matters to you. Take that idea you’ve been thinking about for awhile now, and run with it!

Do it before you have time to overthink it, as long as you’re operating from a place of inner strength and confidence.

Learn to Listen

Laura and Betsy described themselves as “nobodies” on the internet when they were first starting out. Since then, they’ve managed to grow a thriving online community of like-minded women. 

How did they do it? By building authentic connections without an agenda.

If you’re trying to build a community, start by listening. When you listen to people’s needs, you can speak to those needs. 

Reach out to people with a genuine desire to serve and provide value. Not every connection will result in a sale, but over time you’ll nurture strong, authentic relationships that will last a lifetime.

Be Confident in Your Purpose

Community building isn’t always easy. You’re going to get rejected, left on read, you might even get some negative comments. That’s just the nature of the internet.

What matters is that you remain confident in yourself and in your purpose. Don’t let the negativity shake you from doing what you’re here to do.

Sometimes connections don’t line up the way you hope for, and that’s okay! The people who will love your brand are out there. It’s up to you to reach out.

Listen to the full episode above for more tips on building your audience and connecting to your inner “why.”

xo, Tracy


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