EP390: 5 Ways to Increase Your Online Sales Conversions for Fine + Custom Jewelry

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Do you design custom fine jewelry? 

Are you a private jewelry designer who works only with private commissioned clients? 

Are you thinking about adding a custom jewelry option to your fine jewelry website?

If you’re designing fine jewelry or high-end jewelry like engagement rings, wedding bands, heirloom redesign, or private commissions, here’s how to grow a waitlist of clients using your website!

Today, I share my process for building a successful custom fine jewelry business with no retail location or brick and mortar studio space. 

If you’re working with private jewelry clients, take on heirloom jewelry redesign projects, or design special occasion pieces like engagement rings and wedding bands, your website can be a powerful tool to get you new leads and clients if you know how to optimize your website.

Fine jewelry websites require certain elements to develop trust with people who can’t walk into a retail location.  If you’re ready to optimize your fine jewelry website to get more traffic to your virtual storefront..

Listen to Episode 390 of Thrive by Design where I discuss:  5 Ways to Increase Your Website (Online) Sales Conversions for Fine + Custom Jewelry

Download the show notes here

During today’s episode I share:

  • The ONE thing you need on your contact page to build more trust. 
  • The massive missed opportunity that many private jewelers don’t consider when it comes to local clientele.
  • The MOST important page on a custom website that you need to make the sale before your sales conversation.
  • How to pre-vet prospects before you ever talk to them – this is gold.
  • And so much more..

I’m so excited for you!

I’ve grown my customer base without marketing just by leaning into these website conversion strategies for fine jewelry brands.

Enjoy and look forward to watching your fine + custom jewelry business thrive.

xo, Tracy

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