EP391: 3 Questions You Need on Your Custom Jewelry Forms to Close More Prospects

3 Questions You Need on Your Custom Jewelry Forms to Close More Prospects

When I was starting out as a private jeweler, I would get so frustrated because I had people calling me with a Walmart budget who had “Harry Winston” taste.

About 12.5 years ago, I really needed the moolah so I took on a client that couldn’t afford to work with me.

Even though I really needed the sale, I regretted it the entire time. You know why? Because not only did she have VERY little money to invest, she was very challenging to work with.

She nickel and dimed me on everything then kicked the can down the road on payment. And ultimately complained about the entire process at the end. The problem was she wasn’t properly pre-qualified to work with me so I said yes out of desperation.

If you’ve ever experienced something like this with your fine + custom jewerly business, I recorded a quick podcast episode that might help you out…

There are 3 really important questions that you need on your website’s custom inquiry form if you want to increase the quality of clients that you get.

Listen to the full episode!

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If you just want to glance at the custom jewelry form tips, here they are…

Question #1: What is your budget?
Question #2: Who is the piece being designed for?
Question #3: What are 5 Words that describe this person?

When you ask the right questions upfront and you aren’t afraid to turn people down, you’ll attract a much higher caliber of customer for the long term.

xo, Tracy

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