Is Your Website Helping or Hurting You?

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Everyone is crazy about traffic… At least, the kind that happens online.

Countless designers have approached me lamenting their lack of website traffic and online sales. 

And who can blame them? That’s all anyone talks about. “Run ads! Post on social media! Optimize your SEO! Get more eyes on your website!” It’s an endless string of the same advice. You can’t escape it!

So of course, business owners do everything they’re told to do! And yet, they still struggle to land sales! I know PLENTY of designers who’ve been through this.

Here’s the catch: if you’re getting tons of traffic, but nobody is signing up for your email list or making purchases, what good does it do you?

Driving traffic is only half the battle. You don’t want just anybody looking at your website, you need your DREAM CUSTOMERS looking at your website – and taking action!

Quality over quantity, m’dear.

At Flourish & Thrive Academy, we’ve been helping independent jewelry brands learn how to secure online sales and scale their business through our smart and online savvy method.

Anyone in our SOS program will tell you that driving sales online comes down to THREE things. But no spoilers! Take a look at the video below if you want to know what those three things are:

Some designers struggle for years before they figure this out, and it breaks my heart! Don’t waste another minute on a website that could actually be HURTING your business by attracting all the wrong customers.

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