Three Kids, A Home & A Vision: How a Couple Created a 6-Figure Jewelry-Making Business


Today, I’ll share a story about a couple who upgraded a profitable jewelry business into a 6-figure business that supports them, their family and their dreams!

One of my goals has been to help 100 designers this year cross the $100K mark in sales or personal salary.

I get so pumped and inspired when I see designers and brands actually reaching financial security as entrepreneurs while also having the freedom and sense of accomplishment to achieve their goals.

Meet Jeana and Jared, the mastermind couple behind The Fox and Stone based in Upstate New York. 

With support from expert coaches and a devoted group of independent jewelry designers operating at their level, they brainstormed, strategized and executed their way to a predictable monthly income! Let’s dive right in…

For years, Jeana worked on bringing her jewelry-making business to life while her husband, Jared, worked at his corporate job. 

In 2016, Jeana stumbled upon Flourish & Thrive Academy. After some digging, she discovered our Diamond Insiders group and quickly signed up to be a member. Soon enough, she was turning a profit from her lovingly handmade creations. 

The business was making money, but the numbers varied wildly from month to month, robbing the couple of their sense of security.

It left them feeling nervous and stressed about whether or not they could pay their bills. And with 3 kids to support, keeping the lights on with a roof over their heads was a big deal!

Things changed when an Etsy fluke at the beginning of 2017 created a huge spike of income that allowed Jared to quit his corporate job to stay at home full-time and support Jeana in what had now become their business.

The two of them knew that this stroke of good luck from Etsy was not something they could replicate. While they enjoyed the influx of cash, their agenda was to create consistent, predictable sales in their business.

Talk about a roller-coaster ride: their monthly earnings sometimes ranged from $3,000 to $15,000! It was hard for them to plan or feel secure without knowing how much money they would make the next month.

They often sold their jewelry at shows which brought in a profit but was still exhausting. The two of them were interested in expanding their website sales, certain this would make a difference in their business, but they were struggling to grow their email list with the right types of buyers. 

They knew something had to change. They had to figure out a sustainable way to maintain their 6-figure sales while creating consistency from month to month.

Then they learned about the Momentum coaching program.

Jeana and Jared were blown away by the value delivered through the program with the mix of trainings, 1:1 coaching and implementation workshops to get their plans on track!

Having spent hours searching online forums for advice or posting to Facebook groups with business owners that didn’t know what they were doing, Jeana and Jared were quickly able to see the value our program offered.

At that moment, they realized if they wanted to transform their business into one that was consistently making sales off their website, had a powerful online presence, and captured a following of loyal customers, they needed to start doing something different.

Having gained so much as members of Diamond Insiders, joining Momentum was a no-brainer. 

Jeana and Jared got on a call with one of our Momentum coaches here at Flourish & Thrive Academy and brought up their concerns: Inconsistent sales, a struggling email list, and a weak online presence.

Under the guidance of Momentum coaches, Jeana and Jared immediately saw an increase in sales, landed 4 new custom engagement clients and had a list of interested customers!

So, how did they do it? They followed the advice of their coaches and got step-by-step instructions on how to make their suggestions a reality for their business. 

Here’s what happened…

  • Within 30 days of joining the Momentum, the two of them raised their prices on their website. They immediately landed 4 engagement ring customers. 

  • Instead of offering a free set of stackable rings with an opt-in, they offered a stackable ring with a purchase which reduced the amount of riff-raff and attracted serious buyers. 

  • They changed their opt-in offer to a chance to win a super epic giveaway and be featured on their “Foxy Newsletter”.

  • They reworked the copywriting on their website, speaking more directly to the kind of people they actually wanted to sell to which increased their sales and opt-in percentages.

  • They tweaked their branded photography to speak directly to their DREAM clients.

  • They got serious with their emails, making a campaign to promote their Black Friday sale and ultimately going above and beyond their sales goals.

  • They followed our Urgency Promotion plan and instead of just reaching their goal of $3,000 (to replace the show they dropped), they surpassed their stretch goal of $5,000 and sold over $8,200 in just 4 days.

  • Most importantly, they now have consistent monthly sales and predictable income to the tune of $100K+ to support their family.

Their goal had been to take their business’s success from a place of happenstance and luck to a place of consistent sales growth over time, creating a long-term career that would support the whole family. 

From their work in the Momentum program, Jeana and Jared were able to gain both clarity and confidence in their craft, establishing a predictable income and create an effective business structure.


“We would absolutely recommend Momentum to anyone who is either ready to take their business very seriously and put in the hard work to get it where it needs to be. Or to someone who already has a successful business but is looking for a different type of goal—such as creating something that consistently generates sales and can provide a sustainable, long-term career. Momentum is what will take you from zero to one hundred.”

With the support of Momentum, their coaches and the Flourish & Thrive community, Jeana and Jared showed the jewelry making industry that their success isn’t a fluke. They’ll be here for the next 30 years, creating stunning, handmade lines of storytelling jewelry. 

Jeana and Jared are making dreams come true, one piece of jewelry at a time. Stories like theirs are the reason why we do what we do. 

Do you dream of bringing your business to the next level just like they did? Enroll in our Momentum coaching program.

Together, we’ll develop a rock-solid marketing strategy for both your online and offline efforts while holding you accountable. If your goal is to create a more sustainable, profitable business with ease and confidence, then Momentumis for you!