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How to Write Killer Copy for Your Jewelry Brand
Do you ever struggle with what to write for your marketing materials, social media and overall website presence for your jewelry brand? I can tell you that YOU are not alone.. I have to be honest with you, copywriting did not always come easily to me. In fact, it has taken me years to find my brand voice! A few weeks ago, our [READ MORE]
How to Stay “Top of Mind” to Editors (and Bloggers)
Woot, I am super excited because I am interviewing some awesome people today for our Thrive by Design podcast that’s launching this Fall! One of those people is Danielle Miele of Gem Gossip! She is absolutely one of my favorite jewelry bloggers and totes adorable..isn’t she? Last week, on a call for our Diamond Insiders C [READ MORE]
The Undeniable Impact of Gift Guide Placement for Stellar Holiday Sales
A few months ago, I was having dinner in SF with my friend Andreea Ayers. We’ve been colleagues and friends for years, but this was our first time actually meeting in person. As we sat there talking about our experiences with our businesses, she was telling me a story about how she has been featured in over 50 Holiday Gift Guides [READ MORE]
6 Things You Need to Know Before Pitching Press
Are you confident about reaching out to editors to get your jewelry designs featured in major magazines and influential blogs? When I first started out, I was really intimidated and anxious to reach out to editors. Then I got a call from a local editor who requested to feature my jewelry and I realized pitching press wasn’t as to [READ MORE]
Sales Strategies for Shy People Stolen from Yoga
In a few weeks, I am heading to a Yoga Retreat in Italy...and I am beyond excited. Yoga has influenced my life in so many ways. In fact, it’s helped me in ways I never expected, even sales. You might be thinking: What do sales, being shy and yoga have in common? If you are shy or the idea of being rejected terrifies you, listen [READ MORE]
Summer PR Resource Roundup
You guessed it! Right now magazine editors are winding down their search for product for Holiday Gift Guides, Holiday and Resort Issues. But you still have a chance to pitch. Robin & I are taking a summer break from the blog to feature some of our best PR posts from Flourish & Thrive Academy. For those of you who would like [READ MORE]
The Sales Email Formula
Are you ready to wholesale your work but aren’t getting a response from buyers? Writing sales emails for wholesale outreach shouldn’t be daunting or take a TON of time. With the right formula, crafting sales emails to your clients or prospects can be a breeze! Last week we spoke about the writing a PR pitch letter. The sales e [READ MORE]
Overwhelmed by How to Leverage PR for Your Jewelry Biz? Tips from PR Experts.
Are you overwhelmed by how to get and leverage your PR for your jewelry biz? Learn how to DIY with simple tactics from the experts. Public relations can feel like an overwhelming endeavor these days. We totally get it, however, pitching and leveraging doesn’t have to be something that freaks you out. Keep reading... Last week we di [READ MORE]

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