#273 3 Ways to Identify If Your Marketing is Working or a Waste of Time

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Raise your hand if you’re always working on your marketing, but not always paying attention to the results…

No shame, no blame. You have a lot to do in your business, and when you’re doing “all the things,” sometimes you end up working harder, but not smarter.

Here’s the thing – when you can identify which parts of your marketing are working and which parts aren’t, you usually get to free up some of your time by eliminating the aspects of your workload that aren’t getting results.

So I think it’s time we have a conversation about three ways to identify what’s working vs. what’s wasting your precious time.

Trust me, m’dear, the extra effort it takes to overhaul and streamline your marketing is sooo worth it in the long run!

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Track Your Traffic

Your website traffic is the most straightforward way to identify how effective your marketing is.

Getting people to your website is the number one priority. So don’t just track your web traffic – analyze it!

  • Which pages get the most hits?
  • How are the bounce rates?
  • Which UTMs are most used?

With this info you can really dial in the marketing and website experience.

Track Your Email Marketing Analytics

I’m always raving about email marketing – because it works! 

Email open rates and click-through rates are key to refining your marketing. Getting people to open your emails is half the battle, so you should be continually testing and adjusting new strategies.

Sound overwhelming? We have email templates, subject line prompts, and all kinds of resources that can make your email marketing a breeze.

If you want to hear me talk about specific open rate and click-through rate numbers, listen to the full episode above.

Track Your Engagement and Referrals

So much of marketing is just playing around and figuring out what works. Your social media is no exception.

Smart business owners incentivize their customers to share their experience on social media and engage with your posts.

The online landscape is always changing, so keep testing out different captions and engagement strategies.

If you want to dive deeper and stop wasting your time on marketing that doesn’t work, listen to the full episode above!

xo, Tracy


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