8 Simple Ways to Sell More Jewelry During the Holidays (and After!)

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A few years ago, I got an inquiry on my website from a guy who wanted to buy a piece of jewelry for his wife. She loved sapphires and platinum and he was looking for something to commemorate her 40th birthday.

When I got on the phone with him to discuss the project, it became clear his $5,000 budget wasn’t going to deliver the value he wanted. After educating him, his original budget doubled and that easy sales conversation turned into a $10,000 order.

I know what you might be thinking… “Tracy, I don’t sell fine jewelry. How is this relevant for me?”

Anyone can call up a customer and deliver value and service that builds the sale. Here’s how one of my students, Katie, did this at a Demi-fine price point…

A customer ordered a $100 necklace on her website. She called the customer to thank him for his order, then did something most people DON’T do… she suggested a pair of earrings that match the necklace.


It was an easy YES for the customer for two reasons: 

1. They were blown away by the personalized thank you

2. They had missed the earrings and actually wanted a matching set.

Just like that, Katie increased her $100 sale to a $150 sale. So let me ask YOU

What kind of impact would adding just $50-$100 to each sale make for your business?

When you learn how to sell from a place of service, it’s easy to build your average order value for each sale.

Here’s the problem: most people think that the key to growing sales is to get more customers. They spend all of their time, energy, and marketing budget chasing new customers and feel defeated when they don’t reach their sales goals.

Let’s stop that right now… k?

There are 6 fewer days this holiday season, so you MUST leave no stone unturned if you’d like to hit your sales goals and increase your average order value. Here are a few tips to increase your average order value on last-minute holiday sales (and forever):

1. Say Thank You

It’s old school, but it works. Follow up after a customer’s purchase with a phone call, text, or email to thank them for their order. This allows you to start a real conversation with people and segue into something like: “I’m not sure if you saw these on the website, but I have great earrings to match the necklace you bought and make it a set.” 

2. Create Urgency

Follow up post-order with a time-sensitive offer, discount, referral reward, or gift card towards their next order. Incentives and gifts create loyalty. This has the power to get a first time (or 10th time) customer shopping again.

3. Add Value

Send your customers something they will value that ties into your brand. For example, people lose track of all the gifts they need to buy. Send out a holiday shopping list and remind them of this and what YOU have to offer to fill that need. 

4. Temporarily Boost Your Marketing

‘Tis the season for shopping! There are more potential customers scanning the web for jewelry now than during any other time of year. If you’re running ads, increase your ad budget by 10-20% for the holidays. Make sure you’re retargeting your visitors online using apps that connect with your website platform.

5. Install the Right Apps

There are plenty of tools and apps that make your job 10x easier. Connect upsell and order building apps like BOLD to your Shopify store. These apps suggest sales to your customers for you and build your average order value on autopilot.

6. Give Your Customers VIP Treatment

Everyone likes to feel special. Allow your customers to book shopping appointments with you. Let them feel like a VIP whether in person or virtually. Get on the phone, Skype, or Zoom to host a video call.

7. Use McDonald’s Philosophy

“Do you want fries with that?” – Are you kidding me, who can say no to french fries? Upsell at your in-person show using the same philosophy McDonald’s does. Most people aren’t going to pass up on a matching pair of earrings for the necklace they just ordered.

8. Just Ask

At the end of the day, it never hurts to ask for referrals. Happy customers want to tell their friends. Set up automated loyalty incentives to go out post-purchase. Think of ways to make it easy for your customers to refer YOU to their friends. 

Use these tips to crush your holiday sales goals and start the new year feeling unstoppable! I’ve made it my mission to help ambitious, independent jewelry designers like you build a profitable, timeless brand that pays the bills and gives you the freedom to live the life you deserve.