#287 Ask Me Anything About Your Jewelry Business

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I’m in a great mood today, m’dear! We just wrapped up our Marketing Makeover Challenge with an amazing masterclass, and it was a huge hit in the community. 

During the challenge, I hosted a live Q&A for designers and makers trying to grow their creative businesses. 

We covered topics from grassroots marketing to pitching your products to celebrities.

In fact, there were so many questions about marketing, we created a FREE Marketing Guide to help answer some of the FAQs on growing a small creative business.

The questions from this Q&A were so thoughtful, I thought it might be helpful to take some of the best ones and turn them into a podcast, just for you!

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Q: “Can a business name change ever help with sales?”

A: It can, but it depends on what your objectives are for your business. Don’t pull the trigger on a name change before you’re clear on what you’re trying to accomplish.

Over time, do you want to be selling your name as a key part of the brand? There are plenty of successful jewelry brands that have changed their names and lived to tell the tale. 

However, if your sales are struggling, it’s not necessarily your brand name that’s deterring people from buying. I’d first recommend taking a good hard look at your products and marketing strategy.

Q: “I opened my business during COVID and have a small email list, mostly friends and family. What’s the best way to start building more followers for my brand?”

A: Build your external following using the resources you already have. In other words, don’t be afraid to lean into grassroots marketing.

Having a small email list of friends and family is actually a great place to start. In the early stages of a brand, one of the best things you can do is reach out to your grassroots network and directly ask for referrals and sales.

It will be nerve-wracking at first, but you’ll end up with lifelong customers this way.

Q: “How do I get my products to a celebrity, magazine, or the press?”

A: This has changed a lot since I got into the jewelry business. But ultimately, the answer is still the same: pitch your products to the stylists responsible for the celebrity/magazine you want to be featured in.

Fair warning, much of this is pay-to-play now, and you may be hard-pressed to find a PR opportunity for free.

There’s a lot that goes into pitching your products successfully. Our PR Coach, Sabina Hitchens, covers this topic extensively in our Laying the Foundation coaching program.

Do you feel like you still have questions that weren’t answered in this episode? Don’t forget to check out our completely FREE Online Marketing Guide For Jewelry Designers, Makers, And Retailers.

xo, Tracy


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