#205 Where Do Your Diamonds and Gemstones Come From? With Ashkan Asgari

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As designers, we’re aware of how much our industry is changing…

A lot of jewelry sales is moving online.

Wholesale isn’t the same as it used to be. It's tough these days to find buyers who will buy the product outright – not on memo.

Things are moving faster than ever. And the processes for success are shifting.

But a common obstacle we’re facing is the fact that the backend of our industry isn’t really keeping up…

That is to say, the supplier section of the jewelry industry can feel like it's stuck in the past.

Here at F&TA, we get super excited when we find companies and brands who are on the cutting edge of these new models…

That’s why I’m so stoked that on this week’s podcast, I got to chat with Ashkan Asgari of Dream Diamond.

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I absolutely loved hearing about all of the ways these guys are going against the industry norms and making things EASIER for designers. I now officially have a new supplier for my rose cut diamonds, and once you hear about what they’re doing, I think you will too!

Dream Diamonds specializes in alternative diamonds – and they’re giving equal access to everyone… no matter they’re experience or connections.

Gone are the days where seasoned designers are getting special access and special pricing. And that’s not the only thing they’re doing that’s unique…

Online Sales

Ash shared with me that the newest generation of designers is getting really used to purchasing off of video and photos online. This is really good for designers because it allows them to buy stones at a set price, without having to put all of their capital into stones – leaving them with little access to their money.

Dream Diamond has an easy to use website with ordering available online. No longer will you have to sit by while a supplier types at a calculator and seems to make a price for the stones in front of you.

Going beyond ethically sourced

Another amazing thing this company is doing is aspiring to go beyond the regular standards for ethically sourced stones. They spend a significant amount of time on each stone, and plan to one day create a systemized program to determine exactly where each stone comes from. They hope to eventually expand their offerings to include a certificate of origin with each and every stone they sell – so you really know where your stones are coming from.

Partnering with designers

As an online brand, Dream Diamond has been using their online platforms like Instagram to actually partner with and featured designers. This is another one of the ways they’re supporting fresh, young designers – and really creating a sense of community in the industry.

It's so incredible to watch cutting edge brands like this one changing our industry in a way that’s actually uplifting designers – and truly creating a market where everyone wins.

If you want to hear more about the amazing things Dream Diamond is doing, be sure to head over to the podcast and listen to the full episode!

xo, Tracy

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