#241 Growing an Omnichannel Business with Carbon & Hyde

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Some people think selling fine jewelry online is impossible. Oren Katz from Carbon & Hyde is here to prove them wrong.

Born into a family of fine jewelers, Oren Katz and her sister Yarden turned their family-owned traditional bridal manufacturing house into an edgy and youthful fine jewelry haven.

Their collections have decorated several high-end boutiques and retailers, and their pieces are loved by fashionistas and celebrities alike.

In the beginning, the sisters only planned to sell direct-to-consumer online. It was going okay, but getting new customers to buy jewelry online at such a high price point was a challenge.

They decided to expand into an omnichannel brand to allow in-person customers to feel the quality of the pieces and build trust and credibility for online customers.

Now that their brand is more successful than ever, Oren agreed to come on the podcast to share her secrets to developing a prominent omnichannel brand…

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Leverage What You Already Have

What so many designers don’t realize is they already have the resources to grow an omnichannel brand, they just aren’t using them strategically!

Your network of friends and family is a great place to start. When they’re wearing your jewelry, they’ll be your greatest advertisement!

Any offline event can be a fun source of online content. By keeping your customers in the loop online, you can form a tight-knit community of fans from literally anywhere.

Sell Online and Off

Having an online presence in this day and age is a must for successful jewelry designers, there’s no doubt about it.

But buying jewelry is an emotional process, especially for fine jewelry. People like to see it and feel it before they buy it.

That’s where there’s still value to selling in-person. Trunk shows and retail allow you to set up “touchpoints” where your customers can experience your jewelry IRL.

But what about the customers who can only buy from you online?

Be There For Your Customers

It is possible to sell fine jewelry online

Fine jewelry purchases are more personal and involved, so it’s a big leap for your customers to take online. It’s your job to establish brand credibility and provide reassurance to potential buyers.

Set up a chatbot on your website, always be available to answer questions, send extra pictures, and give your recommendations when asked. 

These are all ways to establish virtual touchpoints that will help walk your potential buyers to the sale.

Oren dropped a lot of quick value bombs this week, so listen to the full episode above for more tips!

Until next week, m’dear!

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