#316 7 Irresistible Holiday Sales Strategies (No Discount Required)

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You might think the only reason people love shopping during the holiday season is because of the discounts so many brands offer.

But that stereotype is mostly informed by big box stores that can afford to severely discount their merchandise.

When it comes to independent businesses, it’s another story entirely.

There are plenty of small brands that crush their holiday sales without discounting their products at all.

In fact, that’s what I advocate for here at Flourish & Thrive Academy. Frequently discounting your work reduces the perceived value and teaches your customers to procrastinate purchases and wait for a discount to pop up.

This year, I want you to hit your holiday sales goals without compromising your bottom line.

Let’s talk about 7 irresistible holiday sales strategies you can implement in the coming months, no discounts necessary…

He came on the podcast to talk about what it means to operate at peak performance and how changing your mindset can change your life…

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Virtual Trunk Shows

I believe virtual trunk shows are still going to be a big hit this holiday season.

Don’t get me wrong, 2020 was the year for virtual trunk shows. But designers in our community were getting mind-blowing results hosting virtual trunk shows online long before the word “pandemic” had made its way into our daily vernacular.

Only a few years ago, Jeanna and Jared Rushton of The Fox & Stone made over 8k in revenue in only 4 days of virtual trunk show promotions.

More recently, Shehana Kimiangatau of Shahana Jewels sold 39k worth of fine jewelry through virtual events!

So, yeah, I think virtual trunk shows are here to stay. It’s why our Virtual Trunk Shows That Sell Bundle is such a hot commodity. 

Email Marketing Campaigns

You didn’t think I’d make it through this list without mentioning email marketing, did you?

Listen, there’s a reason I talk about email marketing so much – because it works!

The main reason so many designers in our community were able to hit their holiday sales goals during the chaos of last year was that they were already really consistent with their email marketing.

I’m talking, like, multiple emails a week.

I bring this up because so many struggling designers are afraid of “bothering” their subscribers with regular emails.

That mindset is not serving anyone. The customers who are dedicated enough to stay on your email list are the people who love your content.

So, start getting your holiday email marketing campaigns written ASAP, m’dear!

Brand Ambassadors

Have you ever considered starting an ambassador program for your jewelry business?

It’s true that it may not be the right fit for every single brand, but when it works, it really works.

Momentum coach and successful jewelry designer Chelsea Farmer built her brand around an incredibly effective ambassador program.

Members of the program who promote her jewelry get a 10% commission from every piece they sell, and if they sell more than $300 in a month, they get a $50 gift card to her store.

So many people want to be HorseFeathers gifts ambassadors, she has to take applications!

There are countless ways to structure an ambassador program. If it’s something you’re interested in, start thinking about what it could look like for your brand.

So far we’ve covered 3 of the 7 holiday sales strategies I talked about on the podcast this week. 

Listen to the full episode above to hear the rest and dive deeper into how you can implement each one in your business.

xo, Tracy


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