#223 Don’t Keep Your Day Job with Cathy Heller

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You’re here because you don’t want to work on building someone else’s dream, you want to build your own.

But… how do you turn that dream into a reality?

Allow me to introduce Cathy Heller, author, and host of the Don’t Keep Your Day Job Podcast.

After a diverse and creative career path, Cathy has dedicated her life to helping creatives like you make a living doing what they love.

This woman has done it all, from floral arrangement to working in casting offices to following her true passion: songwriting.

When her music career started taking off and she was being featured for her songs, artists started reaching out to her, asking how to do what she did.

This inspired her to become a business coach and start a podcast. Now, she’s writing a book, Don’t Keep Your Day Job, available for pre-order.

Needless to say, Cathy’s an expert in her field and an incredible entrepreneur. It was so much fun to sit down with her to chat. 

Her grounded advice and revolutionary step-by-step process will help you narrow down your dream job and make it a reality.

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Come From a Place of Service

Everyone reading this has some great idea, what you’re missing is momentum. The first step to building momentum is to figure out what people need.

Every single person, from the highest-paid executive to the minimum-wage employee desires to be heard and validated. 

Once you’re in contact with the people who need what you can make, you have the motivation to propel you forward. Rejection is less scary when your goal is to make your customers happy.

Give Yourself Permission to Succeed

There are people less talented than you out there living their dreams, and it’s because they gave themselves permission to do so.

The human mind is designed to protect you from pain. The easiest way to avoid the pain of “failure” is to believe, “oh, I didn’t really want it anyway.”

But that’s just not true! You do want it, and you can build it.

Give yourself permission to create mediocre things and know that what you have to offer is enough. It changes everything.

Make What You Have To

Your approach to building something that you love should not be based on what gaps there are in the market, or what your most profitable skill is.

What is it that you need to make? What would be the most fulfilling?

Once you’ve got that figured out, then you can worry about how to sell it.

Cathy Heller describes the next three steps to turn your passion into a business in the full episode. Give it a listen, and don’t forget to check out her podcast, too!

Until next week, m’dear!

xo, Tracy

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