#226 The Desired Brand Effect – Here’s How to Use It In Your Business

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Not every jewelry designer has the same goals and dreams, but we all want the same things from our business: freedom to live the life you desire, control over your brand, and a sense of accomplishment at the end of the day.

These three fundamental desires have led me to develop a guideline for all designers to create and scale a timeless jewelry brand. I call it the Desired Brand Effect.

The Desired Brand Effect is a tried and true business philosophy that works regardless of what kind of jewelry you make, what your dreams are, or how successful your business is. 

It’s a resource you’ll be able to revisit time and time again, no matter what stage you’re at in your journey. I’ve used it to help thousands of jewelry designers build and scale the brands of their dreams.

Now, I’m giving it to you.

That’s right, I’m writing a book called The Desired Brand Effect: Your Blueprint to Grow a Profitable Jewelry Brand from the Inside Out. (PS: you can get on the waitlist for it now!)

It’s not quite out yet, but I want to give you a little sneak peek behind the scenes and go through the 3 Pillars of the Desired Brand Effect.

Are you as excited as I am? Let’s jump in!

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Authentic Connection

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – faceless brands are dying. As sales move to the online sphere, social media is shaping buying decisions more than ever. People buy from people.

At the end of the day, sales is about building relationships with your customers.

Gone are the days of target demographics. In an oversaturated online market, it’s all about dialing into the specifics of your Dream Client and standing out in a sea of faceless brands.

The connections you make – through messaging, branding, pricing, customer service, web copy – are what set you apart from the crowd.

Connected Conversion

As a jewelry designer, you may feel afraid to sell. 

It’s okay to admit it; I was too, in the beginning. It took years of flexing my confidence muscle to feel comfortable converting a prospect into a buyer.

Even if you’ve built an authentic connection with your Dream Clients, the sales won’t be rolling in if you’re sitting behind your bench all day.

It takes consistent outreach and excellent customer service to maintain a steady flow of sales. If you’re not getting enough sales, you’re probably not doing the right outreach.

Removal to Scale

You probably want freedom and security in your business, right? The key is to build a business that is not dependent on you for profit.

This is where the big-picture stuff comes in. Systems and automation that free up time and allow you to step back, and long-term planning that can be broken down into bite-sized goals.

Above all, this also includes your community. Whether it be hiring the right people, seeking mentorship, or just connecting with fellow designers – the people around you can make or break your business.

I’ve only grazed the surface of these 3 pillars. If you’re ready to dive deeper into these concepts, listen to the full episode of Thrive by Design. Or, even better, pre-order The Desired Brand Effect!

Until next week, m’dear!

xo, Tracy

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