EP359: Holiday Sales Visibility; How Visibility Relates to More Sales (yep, even in a product-based business) with Brenna McGowan

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People don’t just wake up and decide to buy something. They need time to think about a purchase and get excited for a new product.

So, if you want to get more visibility for your upcoming collection launch or holiday sales, you must have a pre-launch strategy. 

Not sure what a pre-launch strategy is? Keep reading…

My friend Brenna McGowan is a phenomenal copywriter. Early in her business journey, she noticed a huge gap in her clients’ launch strategy: none of them were doing pre-launches.

They were missing out on huge sales opportunities because they weren’t building anticipation ahead of time when launching a new product or service.

And just like that, Brenna discovered her niche.

Now she works as a copywriter and pre-launch strategist, helping business owners craft successful campaigns that get people excited to buy.

She sat down with me to bust the myth that pre-launch strategies don’t work for product based businesses. 

With the holiday sales season right around the corner, you’re going to love Brenna’s tips on how to strategically promote your next sales event so people won’t even hesitate to whip out their credit cards.

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What Is A Pre-Launch?

The CEO of Apple doesn’t just hop on Twitter one day and say, “Hey, we’re gonna start selling the new iPhone today.”

No, people know about it weeks in advance. By the time the new phone finally drops, they’re already lining up outside the store, wallets in hand.

The same logic applies to independent jewelry businesses.

A “pre-launch” just refers to the period of time when you’re creating buzz about an upcoming product before you actually start selling it.

It’s already a big thing in other industries, so how can you use those same strategies for your small business?

Planning A Pre-Launch For Your Jewelry Business

Pre-launches aren’t just for the holiday season. 

You can use these strategies any time you launch a new collection, release one-of-a-kind pieces, schedule a special sales event, host a trunk show, or even launch your website.

Anything you want your audience to get excited about deserves a solid pre-launch strategy.

Brenna recommends product-based businesses should start building anticipation about 2 weeks in advance, and a little bit earlier for big events like Black Friday. 

You want people to get excited, but you don’t want your messaging to get old by the time your product finally goes on sale.  

Create Content That Builds Anticipation For Your Product Launch

When it comes to pre-launch content strategy, Brenna says, “I always go to the end game of why someone buys.

How do you want people to feel about your products? Do your products solve a problem for your customers? Is there a mission behind your brand?

These are the kinds of questions you want to ask yourself when planning your pre-launch content. What do you want people to do, and what are the steps to lead them there?

The beauty of product-based businesses is most of your content can just be about your product. A lot of creators get hung up on the pressure to make content, but it doesn’t have to be this intense thing.

You’re not creating content, you’re documenting,” Brenna explains. Talk about what you’re up to. Give your audience a sneak peek behind the scenes. Ask for input when you’re trying to make a decision.

When you take this approach to planning content, it eliminates some of that pressure and allows you to relax and just connect with your audience.

Brenna and I brainstormed a ton of ideas to help you build anticipation for your next promotion, so be sure to listen to the full episode above.

You can also download Brenna’s free Pre-Launch Plan Cheat Sheet for even more ways to get your audience amped up and ready to buy.

xo, Tracy

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