EP361: Live Selling: How to Increase Your Online and In-Person Sales Conversions by Adopting the Strategies of QVC & HSN with Lisa Elizondo

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One of the most powerful ways that I developed sales confidence as a jewelry maker and as a business owner was going through QVC’s sales training to sell my products live on air.

When I was first invited to sell on QVC, I had already been in business for almost nine years. I thought I knew just about everything about growing a successful business. 

Then I took their training.

The trainer held up a pair of my earrings and asked us, “Why would someone want to buy this?”

We started listing off basic qualities like, “They’re really light on your ears,” or, “It’s a really pretty design.”

But the trainer was like, “Nope, that’s not it.” 

Then someone said, “It makes you feel sexy.”


See, the key to selling your product – whether it be live on TV, in-person, or online – is to focus on how it makes the customer feel. And nobody understands that better than Lisa Elizondo.

I was introduced to Lisa years ago while I was trying to pitch to QVC. She and her husband had built a successful jewelry company almost exclusively through networks like QVC and HSN.

They eventually sold that company, and Lisa took some time off to focus on being a full-time mom. We reconnected a couple years ago when she was ready to jump back into work, and now she’s the Head Coach of our Momentum program here at Flourish & Thrive Academy!

With countless years of live sales experience under her belt, she came on the podcast to teach you how to use those same sales strategies to grow your online sales, host successful virtual trunk shows, and become an expert at selling your products in-person.

Let’s dive right in…

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Speak To Your Customers, Not At Them

Live selling on TV is really no different from standing behind a booth at a craft fair or filming a Reel for Instagram.

The key is to speak directly to your Dream Client.

When you understand who they are and what motivates them to buy, it becomes easy to create a connection, build trust, and ultimately close the sale.

They should be looking at you as a friend who's helping them make a decision on what they buy,” Lisa says.

Think through the lens of what’s in it for the customer. How is your product going to make them feel? How will it fit into their lifestyle? Does it solve a problem for them?

This will help you come from a place of service and show up authentically for your customer.

Harness the Power of Storytelling

Home shopping networks like QVC have professional hosts who could sell pretty much anything

But there’s a reason they train business business owners to sell their own products live on air.

They learned at some point that having the expert or the designer there boosted sales,” Lisa explains. “Because you're hearing it straight from their mouth. Why was this designed? Why is this special to them? Why do they want to share it with us? You're hearing all that. And it's very powerful.

Storytelling is an incredible sales tool to use when talking about your products.

Sharing a relevant story about your products, your brand, or a customer experience will help you connect with your customers and build trust.

Be Confident, Because You Are The Expert

You will always be your best salesperson, because you’re the expert on your own products.

I think it’s important to say ‘I'm the expert,’ before you go on air,” Lisa says, “it's kind of weird to say, but you are! You designed that piece…No one knows it like you do, and there’s confidence that comes from that.”

Listen to the full episode above for more insight into how to sell your jewelry like a pro.

xo, Tracy


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