#269 From the Streets of Soho to Scaling Online with Lorraine West

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What do Beyonce, Erykah Badu, and Zendaya have in common? They all love Lorraine West’s Jewelry.

And you’re gonna love her, too!

Lorraine and I met at NYC Jewelry Week’s Here We Are event, and I knew right then that she would be an awesome guest for the podcast.

She’s been in the industry for 20 years, and she’s always had an affinity for creating and dawning unique jewelry. While studying illustration and the Fashion Institute of Technology, she taught herself how to work with leather and metal.

What started as a hobby led her to sell her jewelry on the streets of SOHO. Over time, her business blew up and Lorraine West Jewelry was born.

What I love about Lorraine is that she’s not afraid to be real. We talk about… 

  • The importance of building systems as you grow.
  • What happens when your business blows up unexpectedly.
  • How to pivot when things don’t go as expected.
  • And more…

This interview is a must-listen for any aspiring or established jewelers looking to scale.

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Build As You Grow

Lorraine says one of the greatest gifts for her business was learning how to organize.

Spreadsheets and systems aren’t as exciting as designing and making jewelry, but they’re just as important to your success.

Like most jewelers, Lorraine got used to doing everything by herself, which meant she could do things her way. But as her business grew, she learned to create systems, trust herself, and trust the process.

She says it’s only helped her grow as an artist and business owner.

Community Is A Must

The jewelry industry is an ever-growing network of diverse creators from all over the world.

Lorraine loves being involved with programs like Here We Are, a strategic initiative launched by NYC Jewelry Week that supports the diverse spectrum of creators within the jewelry community.

It embodies the essence of the community over competition.

Even though artists come to these events to sell their work, they can still support one another, network, and often even collaborate on projects.

You Get To Choose

Lorraine said it best when talking about growing a brand…

“Where do you want to be? You can make that choice – where you want to be – and you don’t have to be so reactionary.”

You are at the forefront of your business, which means taking care of yourself is a top priority. You have to address your mental, emotional, and spiritual blocks, and be honest about how they manifest in your business.

This philosophy has led Lorraine to the success she’s found today, and I have a feeling this is only the beginning.

xo, Tracy


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