#275 How to Improve Your Website Conversions with Reese Spykerman

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Is your website bringing in consistent sales or losing customers at first glance? Did you know that even some of the biggest brands get key parts of their websites wrong and lose leads and sales? 

Reese Spykerman is here to change all of that.

Reese is a website conversion optimization expert who helps physical and digital product-based businesses increase their websites’ revenue by optimizing their customers’ online buying experience.

Reese is a graduate of Missouri’s School of Journalism and for the past 15 years, she has combined her writing background with powerful strategic design techniques to help hundreds of global small business owners, some of whom have seen products sell out and achieved a 5x boost in revenue.

If your website isn’t hitting the conversion metrics you’re hoping for, this one’s for you.

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Why Website Conversion Design Is SO Important

There are millions of websites competing for your customers’ attention. That’s a lot of noise.

With that much noise, every element of your website should be approached thoughtfully. Intentional conversion design helps you breakthrough to your customer and stand out from the crowd.

Your website should get people’s attention, gain their trust, and guide them through every step along the buyer journey.

Not Sure Where To Start With Your Website?

First of all, making a website all by yourself can be overwhelming. If you’re doing that, hat’s off to you.

If you’re up for the challenge but unsure where to start, start with your website copy. 

Here’s how to start writing copy for each key page on your website.

  • Write the main headline.
  • Follow up that headline with a little more explanation.
  • Decide on your Call to Action, and how you’ll incentivize the reader to follow through.
  • Beef it up with 2-3 more paragraphs.

Boom, do that for every page, and just like that, you’re well on your way to an intentionally designed website that actually gets sales.

Move Your Customers Through The Buyer Journey

So much of marketing is just playing around and figuring out what works. Your social media is no exception.

Most prospective customers aren’t going to buy your product the first time you see it. Especially if you’re selling a luxury item at a high price point, like jewelry.

Each new customer needs to be convinced that your brand is the one for them. Your website should be designed to take them on the buyer journey.

Still not sure why your website is losing customers? Check out Reese’s freebie: 3 Secrets to Turn Your Business Website Into a Magical Selling Machine.

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