3 Questions You Need on Your Custom Jewelry Forms to Close More Prospects

EP391: 3 Questions You Need on Your Custom Jewelry Forms to Close More Prospects

By Tracy Matthews / February 28, 2023

When I was starting out as a private jeweler, I would get so frustrated because I had people calling me with a Walmart budget who had “Harry Winston” taste. About 12.5 years ago, I really needed the moolah…

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EP390: 5 Ways to Increase Your Online Sales Conversions for Fine + Custom Jewelry

By Tracy Matthews / February 23, 2023

Do you design custom fine jewelry?  Are you a private jewelry designer who works only with private commissioned clients?  Are you thinking about adding a custom jewelry option to your fine jewelry website? If you’re designing fine jewelry…

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EP389: Can I Grow My Jewelry Business Without Social Media?

By Tracy Matthews / February 21, 2023

Are you completely overwhelmed or baffled by how to use social media like Instagram, Facebook, and Tik Tok for your jewelry business?  If that’s a HECK Yes, well you’re going to love this episode.  While social media can…

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EP388: Jewelry Brand Makeover Bootcamp Recap

By Tracy Matthews / February 16, 2023

I am still coming down from the HIGH of the Jewelry Brand Makeover Bootcamp! What about YOU? On the show today, I did a quick and dirty recap of some of my favorite parts of the bootcamp today…

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EP387: How Much Should I be Paying Myself as A Jewelry Designer?

By Tracy Matthews / February 9, 2023

We just wrapped up the Jewelry Brand Makeover Bootcamp and it was AMAZING! We welcomed 172 (and counting) jewelry business owners into our Laying the Foundation Program. During the bootcamp, I got this question several times… How much…

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When is the Right Time to Get Coaching For Your Jewelry Business

EP386: When is the Right Time to Get Coaching For Your Jewelry Business

By Tracy Matthews / February 3, 2023

Everyone looks at the cost of a book, coach, or program. Nobody considers the cost of being in the same place 1 year from now. If you’ve been following me for a while, you may have heard my…

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EP385: Her Jewelry Business Became a Safe Haven From an Abusive Relationship

By Tracy Matthews / January 26, 2023

It takes a lot of courage to walk away from an abusive relationship. So, when your jewelry business is part of the reason that you’re able to get out, heal and move forward… Well, that’s a true WHY…

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EP384: Growing a Jewelry Business in Retirement with Rina Luban

By Tracy Matthews / January 19, 2023

Imagine it’s 6 months from now and you have a website that’s making sales from people you didn’t know, collections that are sold out, and an increase in overall sales by 30%. If you’re a maker who’s starting…

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EP383: From Soul-Sucking Day Job to 23 Wholesale Accounts in 1 Year with Rosie Harris

By Tracy Matthews / January 12, 2023

If you have one of those “soul-sucking” day jobs with no opportunity for growth…. Or you just want to be inspired by another jewelry maker doing big things… You’ll love this story! Whenever I hear a good “I-quit-my-full-time-job-to-pursue-my-jewelry-biz”…

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EP382: How to Shake Things Up To Get The Business You Want in 2023

By Tracy Matthews / January 5, 2023

I have a theory – a lot of people prefer to suffer than break up with a toxic habit. I’m embarrassingly guilty of this… A few weeks ago, I broke up with a very bad *old* habit that…

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