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#60 How to Use Instagram to Spike Your Holiday Sales with Melissa Camilleri

By Tracy Matthews / September 27, 2016

Now that F&TA Live is over…there is only one thing I’m thinking about…. The big debate…. No, not the presidential debate last night (not going to get political here)…. But the debate about the new changes in Instagram…

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#59 How 6 Designers Grew their businesses like crazy in 6 months

By Tracy Matthews / September 20, 2016

Who do you turn to when you have a question about your jewelry biz?   When I was first starting out as a designer, I turned to my friend Suzi, who was a sweater designer. She had been…

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#55 Converting Looky Loos Into Buyers at Live Events

By Tracy Matthews / August 23, 2016

Curious, have you ever heard about how Robin & I met?   Guesses?   Well, you might have heard this story before but we met at a trade show in 2006 called the ENK Accessories Circuit Show.  …

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#54 How to Overcome Your Fear of Selling

By Tracy Matthews / August 16, 2016

Do one thing every day that scares you EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.   That was a big lesson learned from my sister.   When she worked for me back in the TMD, Inc. days, she had screensaver that taunted…

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#52 Building Sales and PR Confidence With Sabina Hitchen

By Tracy Matthews / August 2, 2016

Confidence.   Either you have it or you don’t…   …it’s not one of those things that you can fake.   In business, confidence is the key to skyrocketing sales.   If you believe in yourself and in…

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#51 Your 5 Biggest Sales Roadblocks and How to Fix Them

By Tracy Matthews / July 26, 2016

Before we get started today, find your pulse.   Really, do it…feel it beat for a few seconds.   What your pulse is for your body, sales are for your jewelry biz.   Sales are the lifeblood of…

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#50 Holiday Sales 2016 Edition

By Tracy Matthews / July 19, 2016

My grandfather used to always tell me “the earlybird gets the worm.”   I never totally understood what they meant (even though he woke at 3 am most of his life)…   …until my first holiday season with…

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#49 Building Relationships With Social Influencers To Increase Your Sales with Lauren Zavlunov and Jeanne Verger

By Tracy Matthews / July 12, 2016

It looks like this:   You see a commercial for Product A on television, and you think that it looks interesting, so you make a mental note to try to look for it later.   You log onto…

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#47 How To Get Awesome Testimonials From Your Customers

By Tracy Matthews / June 28, 2016

Have you ever head of the 80/20 rule?   Here it is – 80% of your business comes from 20% of your audience.   Whoa.   And this is why: it’s so much easier (and cheaper) to cultivate…

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By Tracy Matthews / March 29, 2016

On today’s podcast, I got together with jewelry-lover and trailblazing marketing specialist Liz Kantner to have a very important conversation.   That’s right, whip out your pen and paper, because today we’re talking about how to get maximum…

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