#204 How to Elevate Your Brand with Packaging with Barbara Whitney

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Unboxing experiences are a big deal these days…

If you want to sell your product for premium prices, you have to think about packing!

When customers open their purchase, they want it to be fun – to feel good.

New designers sometimes think of packing as an added expense… just another thing they have to spend money on.

But actually, packing is an investment in growing your business. It's an opportunity to elevate your brand – and stand out against the competition.

And there’s a lot that goes into great packaging…

You need to be considering…

  • Your customer and what aesthetic they’re attracted to…
  • The sustainability of the materials you’re using…
  • What colors are trending this year…

Customers are more and more aware these days of fashion trends. And a brand with really unique packaging STANDS OUT.

It's a way to be remembered and noticed. It raises brand awareness along with elevating your product…

This week I got to chat with Barbara Whitney from Packaging Specialties about what designers need to know to create great packaging… and how to use it to stand out against the competition.

Barbara is also giving away a really amazing deal on materials in this episode!

Listen to episode #204 of Thrive by Design to get your all-access pass to How to Elevate Your Brand with Packaging with Barbara Whitney

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Let’s dive into a few of the ways amazing, unique packing can help elevate your brand…

Brand recognition…

Having beautiful packaging that stands out from other designers is an essential part of any brand…

Think of it like this: if you give someone a gift of jewelry and it's in a plain brown box, there’s going to be no recognition there. They won’t have any idea where it came from. But if it's in a branded box, with your unique colors and logo, the next time they see that branding –  they’ll recognize it!

So having branded packaging can really go a long way in terms of creating recognition and standing out.

Unboxing videos

Often when I’m making an engagement ring or any really special piece, I’ll film my customer as they open it! I  love seeing how our designers in the SOS coaching program are using this strategy as well…

If it's a custom designer, they might take a video of them delivering the piece to the client. Or ask a husband to film his wife opening a gift.

These videos are so FUN to watch! How many times have you gotten pulled into an unboxing video on Instagram or facebook? This is really a great way to use the unique branding your packaging creates as a marketing tool.

Elevating your product

When people invest in a nice piece of jewelry, they want to enjoy the experience of opening it. The feeling of opening a simple box with no branding vs. opening something that’s been beautifully packaged is immense….

It actually elevates the piece itself. It totally enhances the experience. This is why amazing packaging can actually allow you to charge more overall for your pieces. It can really upgrade the experience of the piece.

There’s truly so much to be gained from investing in creating great packaging for your brand…

If you want to learn more about what you as a designer can do to create great packaging (including some great tips like the color of the year), head over to the podcast to listen to the full episode.

xo, Tracy

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