Best Practices

Easy Accounting Tips for Jewelry Designers and Makers

By Tracy Matthews / April 8, 2014

Does accounting and bookkeeping in your jewelry business want to make you cringe? I know the feeling! It used to make me totally cringe too but then I started to love to look at my numbers. The time…

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B-School Questions Answered + Bonus Suite Detail

By Tracy Matthews / March 4, 2014

I’ve been getting a lot of the same questions about Marie Forleo’s B-School and since enrollment is closing tomorrow, march 5th at 5 pm EST,  I wanted to address a couple of the questions I’ve been getting. Watch…

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5 Things Missing From Your Jewelry Website That Are Costing You Sales

By Tracy Matthews / March 4, 2014

Are you struggling with website sales? Do you wonder HOW to get people who browse on your site to actually buy? The good news is, you are not alone. We seem to hear this a lot from jewelry…

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Are you struggling to get more email subscribers? 6 Website tweaks to attract more DREAM clients

By Tracy Matthews / February 25, 2014

Are you frustrated because it seems like you are struggling to grow your email subscriber base? Are you missing leads from DREAM clients because you aren’t making it easy for them to stay in touch with you? Like…

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Why Goal Setting for Your Jewelry Business is “BS” Unless You Do This First!

By Tracy Matthews / December 17, 2013

It’s time! 2013 is coming to an end and it is the perfect time to step back and take a good look at your jewelry business. I know what you’re thinking… I’m tired and it’s the busiest time…

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Instagram Tactics that Convert to Sales

By Tracy Matthews / December 10, 2013

…from the jewelry designers that are using them… Today we wanted to tackled a topic that is huge these days: how is a jewelry designer to convert sales by using Instagram? It’s quote possible you are using Instagram,…

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How To Stay Focused on Your Jewelry Business this Holiday Season

By Robin Kramer / December 3, 2013

It’s here! The Holidays are here in full swing! Doesn’t Thanksgiving seems like a distant memory? And Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday are a bit of a blur. With all of that behind you, now…

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15 Sales & Marketing ideas to make your Cyber Monday (and Black Friday) a success

By Tracy Matthews / November 19, 2013

You’ve been planning, plotting and preparing and the time has finally arrived… the holiday sales season is in full force! Black Friday marks the “start” of the retail season for holiday gift purchases. For those of you with…

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Year End Accounting Strategies for Jewelry Designers

By Tracy Matthews / November 12, 2013

Guest Author: Mariel Heart Hello dear jewelry insider, are you a one-person enterprise wearing all the hats? Or, have you stepped up to professional level and have help allowing you to focus on your specialties? In whatever phase…

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8 Crucial Components to Lay a Strong Foundation for Your Jewelry Business

By Tracy Matthews / November 5, 2013

Jewelry designers ask us all of the time about the most important consideration when building a jewelry business. The short answer is sales, but the long answer comes down to this question: “How does a jewelry designer attract…

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