#306 From All Her Eggs In One Basket to Thriving Online with Meghan Boehm

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Let’s start the week right with another amazing success story from one of our Momentum graduates, Meghan Boehm.

Meghan is the founder of Meghan Bo Designs, a jewelry brand for multi-faceted moms who want to look stylish whether they’re wearing yoga pants while driving the kiddos to school or a classy dress on a date night out. 

Like many independent jewelry designers, Meghan began her journey by creating jewelry part-time and selling on Etsy.

It wasn’t until two years ago that she quit her corporate job to turn her brand into a full-time, omnichannel business.

Within a year of enrolling in our Momentum coaching program, her sales went up 197% from the year before.

I’m so excited to finally have her on the podcast to talk about the big changes she made to get to where she is today. 

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Dream Client Clarity

Trying to nail down your Dream Client can be tricky.

Meghan realized early on what some designers take years to figure out – more likely than not, your Dream Client is a version of yourself.

While working and raising two kids, jewelry always helped Meghan feel put together, even when life was chaotic. She wants to give that same confidence to busy women just like her.

By having such a clear vision of who she’s selling to, it’s easier to dial in her targeted marketing and outreach.

Revenue Diversity

For a long time, a large portion of Meghan’s sales were dependent on one wholesale client.

She felt lucky to have such a dedicated wholesale client to grow with, but she knew it was unsustainable to have all her eggs in one basket.

It was actually an episode of Thrive by Design that inspired her to hire a web developer and transition her clientele off of Etsy and onto a website

In the meantime, she got consistent with her email marketing, promoted her website, and joined our coaching program.

Professional Coaching

I’m definitely a little bit biased, but I think Meghan is an incredible example of the benefit professional coaching can bring to a growing business.

Meghan felt like she had learned everything she could on her own, and it was time to get some outside eyes on her business.

This is what finally brought her to the next level. Now, she’s getting consistent sales and feels like she’s working her dream job.

Listen to the full episode above to hear the rest of Meghan’s story!

xo, Tracy


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