#242 Becoming a Private Jeweler with Stephanie Gottlieb

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Do you ever stalk other jewelry designers on Instagram?

Yeah… I confess!

It was no wonder that after stalking this designer’s IG that I wanted to interview her. She’s a private jeweler and designer of all things sparkly, blingy and over the top gorgeous, Stephanie Gottlieb.

I had the pleasure of interviewing her about how she built a fine-jewelry EMPIRE in such a short period of time.

The cool thing is – she is the epitome of online sales success

Lots of people say it’s hard to sell jewelry online, especially fine jewelry. Yet, Stephanie is legit CRUSHING IT! 

She’s built a completely loyal fan base of online (and offline customers) and has learned to leverage online sales channels to grow her audience and keep the sales rolling in.

I mean she’s doing so well that she’s built an Instagram following of over 330K followers.

Wanna know how she did it?

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Prioritize Relationship Building

All jewelry sales are about relationships. But at such a high price point, fine jewelry is especially personal.

A fine jewelry purchase isn’t often made impulsively. It usually happens after careful consideration from the buyer. 

That’s why it’s more vital than ever, as a fine jeweler, to build the know, like, and trust with your audience and nurture lifelong customer relationships.

Think of Social Media as Your Resume

Social media is your main tool to create those relationships with your fans, especially those who haven’t purchased from you yet.

Before someone is going to drop big bucks on a piece of jewelry, they need to trust the jeweler they’re buying from.

Big corporate jewelry companies have the advantage of a national reputation, but independent jewelers have a unique ability to create intimate connections.

Your social media is the best place to start interacting with your prospective buyers on a more personal level.

Curate A VIP Experience

Let’s cut to the chase. Your customers are spending a lot of money on your jewelry. You gotta make them feel special.

They’re going to want reassurance, answers to questions, and sometimes they may make special requests. 

Whatever you can do to exceed their expectations will keep your brand at the front of their minds next time they’re thinking about buying fine jewelry.

That’s exactly where you want to be.

xo, Tracy


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