#262 From Successful Side Hustle to a 6+ Figure Business in Less Than a Year with Gitti Lindner

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If you’re running a side hustle and wondering – can I really turn this into a full-time business? You need to meet Gitti Lindner

Gitti is a ceramicist and founder of Cinder Ceramics. What began as a side hustle has turned into a business that allowed her to “semi-retire” from her day job as a linguist (and only because she still loves the job enough to keep working.)

She just completes a year in our high-level coaching program, Momentum, and her brand has blown up in the past year.

With the help of our expert coaches, her die-hard community of fans, and brand new studio space, Gitti has…

  • Replaced her full-time income (and then some)
  • Partnered with Tik Tok and had several videos go viral
  • Opened her first dedicated studio for production
  • Had her first $12,000 month
  • And so much more…

It’s inspiring to hear what happens when someone knows what they want, stays positive, and takes FULL responsibility for their business

So I knew I just had to get her on the podcast and hear how she reached this level of success…

262 From Successful Side Hustle to a 6+ Figure Business in Less Than a Year with Gitti Lindner Show notes

You know, some of the things I've learned consistency, I wasn't always so good at posting on, you know on Instagram and and that feeds to Facebook and I you know, as I go, you know, I post sometimes early on sometimes I wouldn't and I take long breaks, but I've learned that you know, consistency is definitely key

Welcome to Thrive by Design, the podcast for ambitious independent jewelry brands, looking to profit from their products, get ready to make more and sell more doing what you love, without spending every single waking minute doing it. Hey, and if you're a creative fashion or product-based business, I want to welcome you to the show. I'll be dropping big tips on launching, growing, and scaling your business. Spend more of your precious time using your creativity to make you ready. All right, let's do this.

Tracy: Welcome to the Thrive by Design podcast episode 262. Hey there, it's Tracy Matthews, Chief Visionary Officer of Flourish and Thrive Academy and I am thrilled to be here today with a brand new episode and a graduate from our program. She's one of our students. Her name is Gitti Lindner and she is going to share how she in one year from side hustles and full time job to semi retiring her full time job to a six figure or six plus figure business I should say. And her story is super inspiring. 

She is crushing it and you're going to hear how she landed a deal with tik tok to get paid to create videos. It's super awesome. I'm just so thrilled. This is such a fun episode. In particular I think it's fun because Gitti is not you know normally we've always served as jewelry designers and Gitti is a ceramicist. So she is one of the creative product brands that we support over here at Flourish and Thrive Academy. 

So I'm going to do an intro in a moment. Before I do I want to tell you a little bit about something that's been going on over here at Flourish and Thrive Academy. We just wrapped up this week. Really awesome or last week I should say as this is getting dropped into the podcast vortex, an amazing masterclass calledSupercharge Your Sales. It was one of my favorite master classes that I've ever done. And at the end of that masterclass, we presented an opportunity for people who are interested in getting some help in their business right now, we realized after doing a study of over 1000 people in the jewelry and creative product industry, that the industry has been shaking up a little bit and a lot of people kind of thought that this might be the death of the jewelry industry. 

And I know that people who have creative products were feeling that same pain. So we did this study and we had some interesting findings and basically wholesales down 55% brick and mortar retail is down 61% art shows and craft fairs, all the things all these live events that everyone was doing to build their business are down 69% I know a lot of people are feeling the impact of that. 

Now the designers in our community who are really crushing it right now discovered because they've been working on our program for so long, how to replace that lost income with selling direct to consumers online on their website. And the brands who were able to figure that out soon enough, are actually crushing it this year because they're taking market share. And so we decided to start doing these free Business Accelerator Audits you have to qualify in order to actually be accepted into one. But they're pretty awesome. Basically, the Business Accelerator Audit is designed to help you take a look at your business. 

From a 360 view, you know, you want to really get clear on what your vision is for your business and where we're going. We're going to take a look at your current business model and kind of poke some of the holes in the places where it's not working, and then uncover some of the roadblocks that are preventing you from reaching your goals. And the purpose for these audits is to actually really help you have a clear path forward so that you know what you have to do in order to reach that through your vision that you have for your business based on what's happening now in the world. 

Because if you're not adapting, you are at risk of you know, basically shrinking your business into smithereens and you'll be inspired by listening to what Katie has to say about her business. Because her business is exploding this year, and she's like, I don't really get it. It's so weird. And I didn't even think that this was possible. So if you're someone who would like to get our eyes on your business and get some support right now, and you're ready and willing to invest in your business, and your growth, go over and apply for this business accelerator audit, we only accept the right people because we don't work with just everyone. 

So if you're interested to see if you're one of those that would qualify, head on over to https://www.flourishthriveacademy.com/strategy/ . And on that page, you're going to see a description of what this audit is all about. You're also going to see how we help people because we help people at different stages in business because I know that people listening to this podcast, some of you might be in startup mode. Some of you might be in growth mode, where you're scaling your business from six figures to multiple six figures. 

And some of you might also be in scale mode, where you're at that sort of mid six figure range trying to scale to seven figures. So wherever you're at, we can help you because at each stage in the business, you're going to have unique problems and what you're trying to accomplish. So, if you're interested in getting some support, we would love to support you. So head on over to https://www.flourishthriveacademy.com/strategy/  and apply for your Business Accelerator Audit right there. And if you qualify, you will get information on how to book a call and we'll give you the next steps right there. So let's dive into today's episode. I am super pumped to have Gitti Lindner on the show today. She is a self taught ceramicist. 

She started working in clay in 2012 to make a product that she couldn't find in stores she's going to share with that product was here in super cool because anthropology picked it up. Making handbuilt ceramics has been our passion ever since. And thanks to an amazing community of supporters and mentors. Her business has evolved from a hobby to a side hustle to a meaningful full time career. I am so excited for her. So let's dive into this episode. You're gonna love it.

Tracy: All right. I am so excited. Because I have Gitti Lindner on the show today and she is a ceramicist from @cinderceramics 

Gitti, Thanks so much for being here.

Gitti: Thank you for having me.

Tracy: I wanted to interview you because you just spent a year coaching with us and our Momentum program formerly called SOS. And since you're a ceramicist, it's a little bit of a different kind of business than we had traditionally been mentoring. And so I wanted to interview you because you've had some really great results I heard or we know that you just semi retired from your day job, which is super exciting. So I want to congratulate you on that. And just some really great things have been happening in your business. So thanks for being here today.

Gitti: Thank you. Well, thanks again for having me. I'm really excited.

Tracy: So I want to let's just get started. I want to hear a little bit more about your business and how you got into ceramics and why you decided to launch Cinder Ceramics.

Gitti: Yeah, so um, well actually, what's funny is I was actually making jewelry doing last wax design. In a weekend course for a couple of years, so I started off with that on the side just as a hobby. And then the way I ended up in ceramics was I wanted to have a log with tea lights on it from my fireplace, and I couldn't find one anywhere on the market, you know, searched high and low and just couldn't find it. 

So at first I thought I was going to get one made out of bronze since I've been working with bronze and looking at the cost and you know, very different from making a necklace. Log, and I thought, Okay, this is just not doable. So I had a friend. He said, Well, have you ever tried clay? You know, I'm like, No, I haven't done anything with clay. But you know, hey, I could why not and then I could even make it white. 

So I went to the local ceramics supply shop alpha fired arts here in Sacramento. They have a really well known artist, Tony Natsoulas who does open studios on Wednesdays and You can come in with an idea and tell him, here's what I want to make and you'll help you figure out how to make it. So that's literally what I did. And I ended up going into the studio. He showed me how to make this log. 

And I ended up making this white ceramic log with a little tea light holder that fits in the fireplace. And I don't know I fell in love with it, just the whole tactile feel of the clay that you know, it's forgiving and I just fell in love with it immediately. And so immediately, I kept going. And the funny thing about that log is two years ago, two years ago for the Winter Collection, I got contacted by Anthropology and they actually carry that log as their fireside collection, one of the items for their collection that winter. So it's like the first thing I ever made, you know, and it ended up as an Anthropology product. So I thought okay, this was pretty, pretty awesome.

Tracy: That is so exciting. I mean apology, I could totally see it too because it's such a great fit for their store.

Gitti: Yeah, so it was pretty great. And so I just started making it from there and I and of course I've always been like a serial entrepreneur in my mind you know, even though I don't didn't know anything about business because my, like, my day job is very different. My background is languages. And so I was like, Alright, well, I'm going to turn this into a business. So I started this Etsy shop called Would be with the letter B good would be good. And everything looked like white wood, right? Anyway. Okay, that got kind of old kind of fast. So I, you know, I wanted to make other things I'm like, well, that's not wood. So 2013 I changed the name to Cinder Ceramics. And that allowed me to expand outside of the wood line. And I just kept making stuff and yeah, it's been let's see. So that's seven years now. And at this point, I just this month, semi retired. I'm still working a couple of hours a day, but I don't need to, but I'm doing it because my boss is an all time friend. And you know, I don't dislike that job, but it's, uh,

Gitti: We'll see how long that lasts. I'm very busy with the clay.

Tracy: That is so fun. So you're, you're a linguist, or what do you do for any other job?

Gitti: Yeah. So with what I'm doing now, it's language testing. Because my background is in linguistics, and I taught ESL for several years, and I was in college publishing for many years. And now it's language assessments. So it's actually a Samsung owned company. They're only owned by a company. Okay, cool. Yeah. So a very, very different part of the brain.

Tracy: Right, but that's good because you're exercising both and like, sides. You know, I think it's really good to have the balance between both because it helps you become better business in general.

Gitti: Totally. Yeah, I've learned so much on the business side, but now I like the balance better. It's like, you know, 90/10 so..

Tracy: How are you balancing the day job with your ceramic business because you have blown up over this last year?

Gitti: It has, I have, it's crazy. Um, so you know, it's weird. I really believe in synchronicity and things have just come along at just the right time. And I'm really into the whole like, you know, vishen lakhiani and the whole you know, mind Valley and controlling your future type of a thing and so as I just felt like okay, this is just gonna I'm gonna let it organically happen. But as opportunities come along, and as things start growing, I just go with it. You know, I like to go with the flow and I don't say no to opportunities. So I just started working harder and harder. Yeah, all hours of the day and night basically around the day job. You know, at 5am I'm starting working and I mean, there's so many nights when I fall asleep at my desk working on a plane with my glass of wine and Netflix going you know, and I'm like sleeping well while I'm making a toothbrush holder. Whatever it takes, you know, to get it done. But this last year, and this was just before I joined your SOS program, so things were really taking off. And I'm from Germany originally, and I try to go back to Europe a couple of times a year except for this year, of course, but I visited studios in Germany, in Norway, and Sweden. 

I fell in love with this Scandinavian model of the boutique working studio. That they have over there. And I just knew like, this is what I want to do. I want to have a Scandinavian style studio that is a functional studio. But I want to be able to have workshops and have it as a shop if I, you know, open sometimes. And as business started growing, I thought, Okay, I'm going to go and go to Scandinavia, I'm going to go visit Sweden and visit some of the ceramics shops and learn from them. So I did that last May. And I got back from the trip, and I had some great meetings there with some amazing people. 

And I was like, Yep, definitely, this is what I'm going to do. And my goal was I wanted to be able to retire within the year. Wow. So yeah. And so then I got back and I was so for years until I opened my own studio at the end of August this last year, so it's very new. And if I hadn't done it, I don't think I would have been able to continue. So it was one of those weird things that just you know, everything clicked. But up until that point, I literally was working at home on this desk, schlepping boxes of clay back and forth to various studios firing. And it was like, you know, an entire van full of stuff that sometimes broke on the way. crazy like that was seven years of this right? So finally I was like, all right, this is getting really ridiculous because I was firing almost every day hogging the kiln, firing everybody else's stuff plus mine. Like I need my own space. 

So I got back from Sweden, and I put it out there to the universe. I said, Okay, I need my own space. I need my own studio. I'm just going to do it. And literally within two weeks, I hopped on Craigslist that I had not been on for years. Literally, I found a place two and a half blocks from my house that was perfect. It's like the most beautiful little commercial space So I can walk or ride my bike, and it just worked out. And so I took the plunge and got the space. And I've been listening to your podcasts, you know, for probably a year and a half at that point copious notes in every notebook. 

And I just thought this is the best thing because I was like, Well, you know, the business is growing, but I'm only working in the business. Mm hmm. And so I wanted some help with working on it and figuring out now what you know now that this is growing, what do I do with this? And how do I put it all together?

Tracy: Is that Is that why you ended up joining us for us as we're calling it it's now we just rebranded the name to momentum just Yeah. But is that the reason why you joined it because you needed some help like getting other eyes on your business, and not working so much in it?

Gitti: Yeah, you know, cause you, you have such great insight and even though it was really for jewelry designers, it was so applicable to everything I was doing. And it just, it was such good practical advice, I got so much out of all the podcasts and I, you know, I decided if I'm going to invest in the studio and you know the additional expense, I may as well just go all the way and invest in a really good program that has coaches that are experts because you know, you can make stuff but that doesn't mean you're an expert in all the things right all the things that go with it running a business successfully, you know, and knowing how to evaluate profit first, you know, and not run because I think those first years probably was like, so operating at a loss to 

Tracy: Because you're probably just pumping money back and not really taking a good track of your books or whatever it is.

Gitti: Yeah, yeah. So Yeah, it was great. But yeah, and things just so once you know, once I got into that studio, one of my best friends so I'm also in a band, I'm in an all rock band.

Tracy: Oh my gosh, I am so envious of you. I have a secret desire to be the lead singer.

Gitti: Oh, gosh, I would highly recommend it. There's nothing more fun than being in a band with all girls. It's just, it's so much fun. But one of my best friends who is the singer in the band, she ended up being in the space across from me. She's painting now. And so yeah, we both ended up in there. We had our first or big opening show at the end of February and then of course COVID hit, but at that point once COVID hit like things completely exploded in my shop. I would think that that month I was up 600% over the year before I was mind boggling. You know what was happening? With the business.

Tracy: So I want to hear a little bit more about that.But I want to take you back a little bit more because I know that like one of the struggles that you just mentioned was that you didn't have a space so you're like, in order to do this, I have to fully commit and get my own space working in your business a lot. So you weren't kind of taking working strategically and what was happening when you were working in your business all the time, or Were there any other struggles or things that were becoming harder to manage as your business started to grow?

Gitti: Yeah, everything was becoming harder. And it just, you know, because I had so many orders coming in. And I mean, if you think about it, like $10,000 a month of clay orders and like I make toothbrush holders that are like $17 apiece, you know, you and my most expensive item, I think is $125. So that's a lot of clay. And because it's all made on demand If I mess up, I have to remake it, you know, so there's like no room for error too. So that was a struggle just keeping up basically was like my main goal and I wasn't ready to hire any help at that point because I didn't know how to hire help or you know, what they could help me with. And in one of your episodes, you have the best exercise for figuring out where to get help. So I've got that now, you know, and some of the coaches I spoke with were really helpful on that.

Tracy: But you hired your system right now. Right?

Gitti: I have somebody who comes in and helps with packing and shipping. She's it. Yeah, she's awesome. And you know, we keep our distance. I've got different tables, so she works over there, but oh my gosh, and that's honestly like that's my least favorite thing is the packing and shipping. So I would much rather be making and producing. So that's been terrific.

Tracy: Yeah. One of the one of the things I think the first piece of advice I always give to people is like, what is the lowest leverage thing that you hate to do the most. That's the first thing you should hire out because a lot of people want to go to the top like they want to hire out the sales process or the marketing process. And I don't really think that that's the best place to start because I do believe strongly as a business owner that you need to understand it before you can have someone else come in because no one will ever, no matter what people think no one's ever going to be as good of a salesperson as the as the founder or the person who's super passionate about their product. So yeah, I love that about it. And I love that you have someone helping you with that because that is really time consuming. Especially if you think about volume, like I was on your website and looking at your products because I'm about to buy some of them which aren't very expensive. And so that's a lot like $10,000 a month is a ton of like a ton of units that you're shipping.

Gitti: So what I ended up having to do was so over the years, I've had to take claycations Yeah, if I'm not going to Europe then I'm going to do a claycations  and literally I would for an entire week take a week off and be busting my butt just trying to catch up on orders and I'm always behind my friend ever my friends and family they all know it's like yeah you know you're always behind you know like I'm almost caught up you're like no you're not you know you never be but it's all good. I love it and my customers are just amazing. Um, so yeah, the other thing. Have you thought about now going into coaching mode just getting someone to help you with some of the clay pieces like shaping or is there a way that you can create molds like jewelry or no?

Tracy: The other thing, have you thought about now going into coaching mode just getting someone to help you with some of the clay pieces like shaping or is there a way that you can create molds like jewelry or not?

Gitti: So yeah, I actually like my friend Mary, she's done packing and shipping and I've also had her help occasionally with some of things like, I do the little hearts and I have a handmade mold that I made for those. So I've had her like way out clay balls. Really fun stuff. Her. So she's weighed out play balls and you know, press the press the mold. And so I've started once, you know, once we're able to actually be around people again, I'd like to have her come more and have another helper come in and be able to do more. But since we're in this weird time right now, I'm limiting exposure at this point, but I want Yeah, definitely.

Tracy: I wonder if there's a way you could have them. Do it at home and bring it back? Or does the clay get to dry or something?

Gitti: Actually, that you know what? No, they put it in a bag and a brilliant idea. 

Tracy: Yes, ceramicists out there who needs some help 

Gitt: Gosh, that's right. And my parents are always offering so I'm like, I just thought of a great chore for my parents.

Tracy: So you've been building a huge Audience like I was on your Instagram, your posts are getting crazy engagement. I mean, you have a decent following, but it's not like the 20,000 followers and you get so much engagement on your posts. And because of that, I was like I was doing like my free episode stalking and I was like checking out your shop, you're getting like a ton of five star reviews. How have you been able to deliver? Like, what have you done to deliver such great service? And to your audience? I mean, I think I can guess based on looking but I want to hear from you like what you've done.

Gitti: So I should start with who they are. So I don't know if you are familiar with Raiden, I heard that you are replacing her. Like you're one of the people that people are going to when they can't find a Raiden Yeah, so you know, she's amazing. And so a little background on her. Like she's so huge now. You know, she's a manufacturer now she's you know, she's writing books. 

She's just She's amazing. humongous in all the stores. And I actually met her a couple of times. And she's in Berkeley. She's super sweet. And when I first found her, I thought, Oh, you know, this is so neat having the words on clay, you know, and I thought this is adorable. And I kind of took that idea and tweaked it in my own way, you know, with stamped words, and so it allows for a lot of customization. And so at some point, I don't know how or when it happened, but there were some followers of hers that discovered me, and they I didn't realize that people do this, but like, they have huge debt collectors out there. herself. I had no idea. And so I was like, why are all these freedom people following you? And I didn't know. I'm like, Yes, she's pretty awesome. 

But you know, I guess my stuff is a little similar. And I just started getting this big following of these redone, follow up And then they started messaging me about, well, can you create this for me? Can you make this because I do a lot of like, at this point, maybe a third of my stuff is custom. And I love that I love doing that. And I think that's part of why I've had so much growth is because of personalizing it for the individual. And so I have a lot of customers who will design something and they'll say, I want this to be like, Okay, I think I can do this, you know, let me give it a shot. And I have a few who actually design like whole collections. 

And then over the last year, alright, you know what I saw, what I do is I'll make it for them. I'll throw it on Instagram, and if people respond to it, and are going crazy for it. I'm like, okay, I probably should add this to the shop. And so I'll add it to the shop and I name it after the customer like I have a woman named Barra who is a she created this new crown collection I make and Kara. And I tell them like, it's like Kara has like spreadsheets of stuff she wants to get from me. She's gonna keep me in business for years. I love them so much. Yeah, and so, you know, it's like, so much of what is in the shop now has evolved because of the things that the customers have designed, and that other people have liked and wanted. 

So it's like, over the years, it's evolved to become fully customer centered, it's all about them. And what, what they want and what will make them happy and I communicate a lot with them, letting them know you know, if something's late or if it's going to be early, I send them pictures, but here it is shipping today, you know, I'll do like a full on photo shoot with their vase, you know, like, Okay, this is why I'm so tired. But I love it, you know, and they're so sweet. They're just so one There's so many amazing people out there and like, I'm blown away by those by those reviews too, because I'm like, gosh, it was the toothbrush holder, but I'm so glad it makes you so happy, you know?

Tracy: I’m convinced to buy a bunch of sponge holders after like reading

Gitt: I don't know, you know, I don't even remember how that idea came to me but you know, it gets stinky. Well, there are holes on the bottom and the water flows out and it never gets stinky. I'm like, okay, you know, so and then, you know, give me a squeeze squeeze me tight. Like, you know, let's just have fun with it. right. And some of the expressions other people have come up with so yeah, it's just Yeah, I love the interaction with people online and you know, there's not enough time to always bounce back and be fully Try now to get back within 24 hours with everybody. But yeah, it's, it's good. I love it.

Tracy: There's something that's really cool because I was watching, I was watching some of your videos that you put on Instagram, because I didn't get that from. I didn't know that you were like designing collections with your customers, I would call it something different personally, because I think like, you know, you're really the artists, they're coming up with the concept. So you're like creating them, almost like creating the vision. So it's almost like a collaboration where it's like an idea that you're designing because I feel like you're a designer of it, but all those things. 

Yeah. And the cool thing about this is that, you know, you're not only putting the customer completely at the center of your brand, which is something that we teach, it's a concept called that Donald Miller started in his building a story brand thing, our program not thing in his program is Yeah, concept. But the important piece of that is that people feel so involved in connecting to you because of that, and that gets them to just want to support you. And this is, this is why you're having these like crazy months like people just want to support you.

Gitti: They're amazing. Yeah, they really are. And then a month and a half ago, I got contacted by Tiktok, oh my god. Yeah, they actually so they invested like $350 million back into the economy by starting this learning fund. And they were reaching out to makers to be able to bring maker content learning content online to their platform, because they are trying to evolve as well. And so they actually paid me to make 40 videos. And it was a very short window of time. I was like dying, but it was, it was really fun. Because I just started filming myself at the studio while I was making stuff. And so it was 40 videos on how to do different things with the clay. It's crazy cuz some of those things went viral and I'm like, how does that happen? I have no idea like this spoon rests, you know, and my, almost to 200,000 views and I'm like, this is really cool. 

Tracy: On the Tiktok platform?

Gitti: Yeah

Tracy: Wait, so quick question about that. Is that posted on your tik tok profile? Are they doing it as like Tiktok?

Gitti: It's on Tiktok. So it was a partnership with talent agencies to find and there were different buckets, I fell under the DIY bucket. And so they reached out they paid me to do this and so it's my own site on TikTok. And I need to figure out now what am I gonna do? like okay, I should probably keep making more because, you know, there's a lot of people like following it now, but what I really want to do is and I've always had this idea. The next thing I'm looking at doing is online courses. I have all these really neat ideas of things that I can show people how to make online, like bowls and like super cool stuff that I don't want to put on TikTok because it's hard to show that in 50 seconds. Everything is like super fast speed. But it was just a great opportunity. And it was really neat being part of that and it was, you know, it's just really flattering to be asked to be part of that as well.

Tracy: So are you making sales from the Tiktok videos?

Gitti: Who knows? You know, I've had a few of them that I put up on my Instagram site. And I know I've had people who have followed me on tik tok or say, Oh, I wasn't on tik tok. But now I will be you know, and sometimes people will mention it and so it's all kind of linked together and I and probably need to do a better job of linking it all together, but but it all kind of ties so very possibly because actually, you know, I'm guessing most likely because my biggest month ever was the month that I was on Tiktok . So, that month was almost 12,000. I want to say, Oh, that's amazing. Yeah. I'm still catching up on that month. That was last month.

Tracy: That's so great. So speaking of that, and speaking of like, big months and big results, like over this last year, like what are some of the big things that happened, the big results that you got, by really diving into your business starting to work on your business a little bit more and implementing some of the stuff that you learned in the program? Because like, something had to work, right? Because you are able to semi-retire from your job. So I'm curious to hear what you've done and like what some of the outcomes were from.

Gitti: Like some things that I learned in the program?

Tracy: In the program and beyond like, what have you done this year?

Gitti: Like, yeah, so I think it contributes to that growth. I guess I think that well, first of all having the studio because this is this private space, it's big, it's beautiful. I can go there any hour of the day. It's gated, so I feel safe, even if I'm there late at night, but having that studio, my own space to go and work is, first of all, the most amazing thing and I like I said before, I couldn't have done this if I didn't have that space. So I'm like, thank God that happened. And then also, you know, some of the things I've learned consistency, I wasn't always so good at posting on, you know, on Instagram and, and that feeds to Facebook and I, you know, it's like, oh, you know, I post sometimes early on, and sometimes I wouldn't, and I take long breaks, but I've learned that you know, consistency is definitely key. And also being able to now start kind of delegating some of the work and also building out systems. Thank you. So I started building out systems and you know, I and I did my own taxes before and now I have an accountant.

Tracy: So grown up I love it,

Gitti: You know, I know like a baby stepping into this whole thing. And yeah, just you know getting better at figuring it all out like with Intel was one of my coaches you know and I, she's like put a board up there and put things into buckets and you know, know what's what's, what your priorities are. And so I've got my board and my buckets and just being able to figure out you know, all the different pieces of what I need to be working on so that I don't let things slip through the cracks. I love that I'm going crazy with the clay. But now that parents are going to help me know as well.

Tracy: You're learning all sorts of things here. I came here. Come let's see my favorite selfie.

Tracy: So you talked about the Tiktok thing. And and and I think that's a really unique way to kind of grow your audience and you're expanding and cross promoting and stuff like that. Have there been any other things that you've done that you really saw because of the significant difference in audience building?

Gitti: Yeah, so actually, so it's funny, because last month, so my dad, he's so sweet. He watches every morning, he watches, good day Sacramento show. So he emailed them and nominated me to be on the show. So then, immediately, he heard back and they came and did a segment with me on their show. So I was on TV One morning, and so that was kind of cool. And I got a big flurry of activity after that as well. Yeah, so that was good. I finally did so you know my website. I'm on a platform called Weebly and then Etsy is the shop link. 

Currently. I finally figured out MailChimp. How to get subscribers. So now I have subscribers and this growing list and I started doing releases so even though I'm you know, on Etsy and it's always open, I've been sort of figuring out okay, you know, releases are a good thing. So I August 1, I have several new releases coming, one of the collections from actually two of the collections from two of the people that follow me and his designs and some of my pieces are where I drew them and they have more pieces that are coming into the collection. And so I'm going to release those because so the last time I did this, I actually put my shop on a short vacation, and I announced on Instagram that I was going to open it up at this time on this day and release the bar collection and that was Is the crown and oh my gosh. So people actually set their alarm clocks. 

It was so funny. And I opened up the shop and literally within the first 20 minutes, it was like $1,000 in sales. And by the office that day, it was 3000. That's fantastic. Yeah. And I mean, I've never experienced anything like that before. And I know that I better get to work. So, that is going to be August 1. Again, I'm opening up three new collections. Halloween. I had no idea Halloween was such a thing, but it is and people keep asking for all these Halloween designs too. So I'm also trying to get some meat readymade items done, and we'll be doing another release like that. So we'll see how that goes. But yeah.

Tracy: So I have one final question like if you were to be speaking to either your younger self or someone who's interested in taking their part time side hustle into a full time business, what advice would you give them?

Gitti: So my advice is, everybody should have a side hustle. First of all. I've seen so many colleagues. And I mean, especially now, I should back it up and say, I'm so grateful, given the scenario of millions of people, you know, losing their jobs, losing their income to be in this opposite position right now, of just growth. And I think everyone should have you know, I think everyone has a skill, that something is a special talent that they can use and build a side hustle. So everybody should start some side hustle. And really do something that is giving back whatever that special talent is that you have to help make the world a better place. 

And there's So many great resources out there, like your podcast is amazing that help you figure out what to do with that talent, how to grow it, how to get it out there into the world. You know, I'm also a big Cathy Heller fan. So, on the podcast, I know I actually flew out to LA for her very first in person workshop. And yeah, she's awesome. So, but I think, you know, just figure out what that is that something that you can do that you can give back and turn it into a business and learn business skills to so that you can grow it and make money and just, yeah, I think focus on the customer, you know, focus on what you're giving to people and if it brings them happiness, and it goes full circle it comes it comes around, right?

Tracy: So amazing. Well give me so much for being here. Where can everyone find you?

Gitti: I am at CinderCeramics.com there's the website and on Instagram, I'm @cinderceramics, Facebook at Cinder Ceramics. Tikton. It's @cinderceramics. So they name everywhere easy to find. And it's all linked to on the website and then the Etsy shop. You can just go to the Cinder Ceramic site, subscribe, and then click on the shop link.

Tracy: Awesome. Thanks so much for being here. I'm so excited for all of the great things that are happening in your business.

Gitti: Thank you so much. It's great talking to you, Tracy.

Tracy: Thank you so much for listening to the show today. This is Tracy Matthews, signing off. Go check out center ceramics. I'm actually placing an order for a bunch of things right now because she is so amazing. And go say hi to her. She's amazing. And if you're interested in getting a free business accelerator audit, we'd love for you to apply and see if you qualify. So head on over to https://www.flourishthriveacademy.com/strategy/  to check out what the audit is all about. And see If you qualify right there on that page, thanks so much for listening today. This is Tracy Matthews signing up until next. Thank you so much for listening to today's episode.

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Community Engagement

Gitti is a glowing example of a philosophy we preach here at F&TA – the customer should be at the center of your brand.

She often brings to life the visions and designs sent in by her true fans, creating custom works they can treasure forever.

By making her customers essential to the design process, she’s nurturing priceless customer loyalty among her true fans.

Private Studio Space

Like most “side hustles,” Cinder Ceramics started out in Gitti’s living room.

It wasn’t long before the orders started flooding in – and driving all across the city to fire her pottery was no longer an option.

When the perfect commercial space opened up only two blocks from her home, Gitti took the leap and set up shop in a private studio space.

This investment in her business paid off almost immediately, allowing her to fill orders in record time.

Professional Coaching

Once it became clear that Cinder Ceramics was growing into a full-time gig, Gitti thought, “If I’m going to invest in this studio space, I might as well go all the way.”

That’s when she found our Momentum Mastermind coaching program, and she hasn’t looked back since.

Listen to the full episode above to hear the full story of how she replaced her full-time income, got sponsored by Tik Tok, and so much more!

xo, Tracy


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