Best of Series #1 EP84: The #1 Way to Get More Traffic to Your Jewelry Website

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Slowly but surely, summer is winding down… 

In our industry, the summer season is often one of plans and strategy. 

With the busy holidays ahead, I’m gonna guess you’ve been thinking about how to ramp up your sales this year. Especially your online sales! 

Far too many designers fall into the trap of thinking that making online sales is all about traffic

But that’s just one little piece of the puzzle! 

See, it's NOT about just random traffic. It's about the right kind of traffic. I’m talking about getting those DREAM customers onto your site. Not just anyone who stumbles there.

Getting consistent sales in the e-commerce space means having a conversion strategy that works. A way to lead the right people to visit your site, and then lead them naturally into the next step in your sales conversation.

So today we’re doing a throwback as a part of our “Best Of Series,” to episode 84 of the Thrive By Design Podcast –  The #1 Way to Get More Traffic to Your Jewelry Website. 

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In this episode, I’m going to take you through some really effective marketing strategies. One that will help you not just get more traffic, but to get traffic that converts… 

Email is the #1 way to get more traffic (the right kind of traffic) to your site…

But here’s the thing – not all email marketing is created equal! One of the biggest mistakes people make with email marketing is not having a strong focus in their email. 

The email you send out needs to be clear in its objective. If it's a little bit of this and a little bit of that, your potential customer will get all mixed up and won’t take any action. 

The main goal of email marketing is to get people to your site. Get them to your site to opt-in, email them, send them back to your site. That’s the basic sequence. 

Now let’s talk about some strategy! 

Broadcast Emailing

This is usually the first thing people think of when you bring up email marketing. Broadcast emails are things like newsletters. With broadcast emails, you’ve gotta be consistent

It doesn’t matter at first if you choose to email once a week, once a month or three times a week. You just have to choose and stick with it. Then you can pepper in other emails here and there. 

And when you send out those broadcast emails, make sure the focus of each one is clear. 


This is one of my favorite tools to use once your list starts to grow. Segmenting gives you the opportunity to split your list up into multiple smaller lists. It's way more targeted so it can land more powerfully! 

With segmenting, you can send out more emails without worrying about getting too many unsubscribes. Too much broadcast emailing will make people leave your list. But when you speak specifically to the individual, they’re more likely to read and stick around. 

There are so many ways you can do this. One list for your wholesale clients and one for direct-to-consumer is a good example. 

Or you could create a, “what’s your jewelry style?” quiz and then send targeted follow up emails based on their results. 

Recapture Repeat Buyers

Each time someone buys from you, the next step is to think about how you’ll get that person to buy again. It's way easier to sell to someone who is already a client! 

You can use strategies like follow up emails asking for a testimonial, or for them to share a photo wearing the piece they purchased. You can even do something as simple as a check-in email to make sure they’re happy with their purchase! 

Then over time, continue to nurture them towards another purchase. 

When it comes to online traffic and sales, email truly is your best tool. The options for ways to use email marketing are endless! If you want to dive into more detail on the strategies in this article, be sure to listen to the full podcast episode! 

And if this episode helps you gear up for the holiday season, be sure to share your story and experience with us. Here’s to your holiday success

xo, Tracy

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