Best of Series #3: Episode #90: 10 Content Creation Ideas to Promote Your Next Jewelry Collection Launch

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Are you struggling to come up with content ideas for your brand? I’m here to help…

When someone buys from you, it’s your chance to build a relationship and gain a loyal customer. Content is an empowering way to do that – and it can be repurposed over and over!

I know, I know… You (like many designers) are probably thinking  “I don’t know what to write! I don’t know how to write! What do I do?!”

Okay, take a deep breath. Making content is actually pretty simple once you get the hang of it!

But I get why it’s so intimidating! When I was starting out, the thought of making content felt so daunting. I thought, “Do I really need this?”

The answer is a big fat YES! And here’s why…

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First Impressions Are Kind of a Big Deal

Publishing content is an opportunity to introduce yourself and your brand. It’s an opportunity to tell your story and establish what your brand stands for.

It’s the first step in developing know-like-trust. Your audience gets to know you through your content.

Once they get to know you, you can start building that like and trust factor, too! Use your content to start a conversation with your audience. Ask them for feedback!

Building a strong relationship with your buyers is the foundation for recurring sales.

Your Dream Clients Need a Way to Find You

The right content will help pick up SEO for your website. 

Think about who your DREAM client is… What kind of things are they searching for? What problems do they have that you can solve? What part of your brand resonates with them?

The answers to those questions should serve as a guide for what to write about. Your dream buyers are trying to find you, so put something out there for them to find!

How Else Will You Get Raving Fans?

When you successfully implement killer content and build know-like-trust, people will recognize your brand. 

You’ll have loyal customers who not only buy your product but also engage with your content!

In the jewelry biz, social proof is your BFF. Loyal customers and fans create buzz around your brand and featuring them through testimonials and similar content only strengthens and builds that fanbase.

What you have is special, so share it with the world!

I have a TON of ideas for types of content you can create, but you’ll have to listen to the episode to hear them.

See you next week!

xo, Tracy

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