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Why the Right Logo for a Jewelry Brand Makes All the Difference

By Tracy Matthews | August 13, 2012
logo for a jewelry brand

Choosing the right logo for a jewelry brand is an important decision. Any company can grow quickly with the right branding, and your logo is at the center of it…

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7 Proven Tips to Increase Exposure for Your Independent Jewelry Brand

By Tracy Matthews | August 6, 2012
increase exposure for your independent jewelry brand

Updated: September 17, 2018 Independent jewelry brands have to focus on getting consistent exposure. Why? Because when you're going up against brands that have been in the business for decades…

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Why You Should Build Your Jewelry Business with Support From a Community

By Tracy Matthews | July 24, 2012
jewelry business community

Updated: September 17, 2018 Looking for a jewelry business community that won't give you the cold shoulder? When I started out in business, it was impossible to get advice from…

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