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EP359: Holiday Sales Visibility; How Visibility Relates to More Sales (yep, even in a product-based business) with Brenna McGowan

By Tracy Matthews | June 23, 2022

People don’t just wake up and decide to buy something. They need time to think about a purchase and get excited for a new product. So, if you want to…

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EP358: How to Build Your Email List Using Etsy

By Tracy Matthews | June 17, 2022

Having an Etsy shop is not the same thing as having a jewelry business. I’m not trying to be harsh here, m’dear. Lots of designers get their start on Etsy,…

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How to Deal With Inflation and Uncertainty (and Still Have a Thriving Jewelry Business)

By Tracy Matthews | June 14, 2022

When you feel uncertain, overwhelmed, and stuck in a downward spiral, you’re not operating from a place of power. I wanted to record a bonus episode for you this week,…

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5 Reasons Why Holiday Gift Guides are the Holy Grail of Jewelry PR and How You Can Tap Into Them

By Tracy Matthews | June 13, 2022

Guest post from my friend and PR pro Nora Wolf of Wolf Craft, an á la carte PR shop for creative businesses. I asked Nora to write this post for…

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5 Tips to Supercharge Your Online Jewelry Sales

By Tracy Matthews | June 10, 2022

1. Create an Ecommerce Website for Your Jewelry Business It doesn’t matter if you’re selling handmade jewelry, fine jewelry, custom jewelry, ceramics, or other creative products. One thing is for…

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Why Father's Day Reminds Me of The Day I Bet on Myself and My Jewelry Business

By Tracy Matthews | June 10, 2022

It was when I was trying to convince my dad that taking a job as a head designer at a $400M jewelry company was a bad idea… that I found…

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How This Artisan Jewelry Maker Grew Her Business to 6 Figures by Serving Comic-Con Fans

By Tracy Matthews | June 8, 2022

“You’re gonna go into debt to learn how to make beaded necklaces?!” That’s how Stephenie Denault’s stepmother reacted when she told her family she’d decided to study jewelry making.  Stephenie’s…

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EP357: 5 Steps to More Online Sales This Summer

By Tracy Matthews | June 7, 2022

During the summer months, most independent jewelry designers fall into one of two camps: Either summer is your slowest season and you’re focused on prepping for holiday sales… OR, you…

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EP356: From Lilly Pulitzer to Solo Startup: How One Designer Left Corporate to Pursue Her Passion with Jane Paradis

By Tracy Matthews | June 3, 2022

If you’re a jewelry designer dreaming of quitting your corporate job to focus on your business, you probably have a lot of questions. How can I increase my sales enough…

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How They Built a Million Dollar Handmade Jewelry Business Without a Massive Team

By Tracy Matthews | June 1, 2022

Starting a handmade jewelry business is challenging and, what's more, growing it to 7 figures. But if you have proper guidance and work “on” the business instead of “in” it,…

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