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How This Artisan Jewelry Maker Grew Her Business to 6 Figures by Serving Comic-Con Fans

June 8, 2022

“You’re gonna go into debt to learn how to make beaded necklaces?!” That’s how Stephenie Denault’s stepmother reacted when she told her family she’d decided to study jewelry making.  Stephenie’s…

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How They Built a Million Dollar Handmade Jewelry Business Without a Massive Team

June 1, 2022

Starting a handmade jewelry business is challenging and, what's more, growing it to 7 figures. But if you have proper guidance and work “on” the business instead of “in” it,…

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This Couple Quit Their Jobs To Start A Jewelry Business – Now They Have 18 Months To 4x Their Sales

May 30, 2022

Quay Flom has always loved jewelry, but various metal allergies prevented her from wearing most mainstream pieces. So, she did what only a true creative visionary would do: she started…

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Her Jewelry Business Brought Her Family Out of Poverty: How This Designer Scaled to 6-Figures in Only 5 Years

May 25, 2022

From barely scraping by to supporting her family full-time, this designer grew her jewelry side-hustle to a 6-figure business in only 5 years. Quay Flom has always loved jewelry, but…

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The Secret To Starting A Jewelry Business On The Side While Working A Full-Time Job

May 25, 2022

With kids at home, bills to pay, and a demanding full-time job, it might feel impossible to start a jewelry business on the side. But if this designer can make…

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It’s Never Too Late: How This Busy Mom Turned Her “Side-Hustle” of 15 Years Into A Full-Time Jewelry Business

May 20, 2022

Some people think professional jewelry business coaching is only for beginners, but that couldn’t be further from the truth for Susan Collick. In 2017, Susan Collick’s jewelry business, Daisy Chains,…

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Structure Didn’t Limit This Jewelry Designer’s Creativity – It Allowed Her Business to Thrive

May 19, 2022

Creative jewelry designers often struggle with structure – but sometimes that’s exactly what you need for your business to thrive.m algorithm is working against you? It’s been seven years since…

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Instagram Algorithm Update: How It Can Help Jewelry Businesses

April 13, 2022

Does it ever feel like the Instagram algorithm is working against you? You’re not the only one. While some people experienced massive growth on the Gram lately, some jewelry business…

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Taking Amazing Photos of Your Jewelry

February 15, 2022

Set Up Your Product Photography to Create Desire and Optimize Your Sales If you’ve never really paid much attention to how you photograph your jewelry, consider this your crash course…

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What You Should Know Before Creating A Business Card for Your Jewelry Business

January 6, 2022

Your Business Card is a Vital Part of Your Brand Asset Portfolio – It Showcases Your Desired Sharing Proposition Find Out How Your Jewelry Business Card Fits Into Your Brand…

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