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Latest from the Podcast

EP340 How to Be Awesome on Camera in Interviews with Kim Rittberg

February 14, 2022

“I have a couple of tips when you land a podcast or TV feature. Get your message and your sound…

EP339  How to Create a Benefits Ladder to Sell More This Year with Monica Sharma-Patnekar

February 8, 2022

“You’re not selling a product. You’re selling a lifestyle. You’re selling a movement. You’re selling the real feeling why people…

EP338 The Structure That Helps You Reach Your Goals with Joel Ingwaldson

January 24, 2022

One of the biggest reasons creative businesses fail is because they aren’t structured to grow. Even though you can get…

EP337: Help and Hope for Start Ups and Makers with Full Time Jobs with Candice Eve Padro

January 14, 2022

“I have so many more options now to grow the business that I wouldn’t have before. So if you want…

EP336: From Poverty to Thriving Multi 6-Figure Business Owner

January 12, 2022

“100% invest in yourself and in your business. Whether it’s $100 or a million dollars. Whatever you’re able to afford.…

EP335: How to Handle Inflation and Pricing Without Creating Price Resistance

January 11, 2022

Everything is a percentage of your sales price. So if your costs go up, you have to raise your prices…

EP 334: You are a Bad-Ass – Time to Show Up Like One This Year

January 4, 2022

Although the last few years have been pretty heavy, the New Year is always an opportunity to reset, reinvigorate ourselves…

EP 333: 3 Ways to Play Bigger in 2022

December 28, 2021

In order to live a big full life, you have to have the highs and lows and the full spectrum…

EP 332: Create Your Leave Behind List to Launch into the New Year With a Bang

December 23, 2021

What are the things that I can do to get things aligned so that I’m reaching the kind of targets…

EP 331: Positioning Your Brand and Sweat Proof Jewelry with OXB

December 21, 2021

If you want to create The Desired Brand Effect in your business and have people coming back, you need clarity…