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Each week, I drop in-depth marketing strategies, interviews with experts and actionable insights straight to your earbuds. Spend more time in your creative genius so that you can grow your business quickly, spend more time doing what you love and less time doing busy work.

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F&T 5 Stars Podcast Review

"Like My Own Masterclass"

I keep my notebook nearby when listening because every episode has takeaways that Inspire action. Literally listened to the back catalogue and am running through them again.

- Tamba W.

"Loyal weekly listener"

I look forward each week to listening to Tracy . As a small business it can be overwhelming, and listening to the podcast each weeks puts me back on track . She coverers all topics from marketing to looking after yourself with better sleep ( I still use the app for sleeping every night ) and everything In between. Great if you are in the jewellery industry, but also great to listen if you are any small business.

- Prental

"A great podcast for creative makers"

Tracy always provides excellent value for her listeners with plenty of helpful tips and insight into the jewelry industry, as well as a great array of expert interviews that cover the gamut of what we need to know to have thriving creative businesses. This is an excellent podcast for jewelry designers who really want to create a business, or are already building a business. Show notes and transcriptions are also available, which is super helpful for remembering all the topics covered.

- Sheridan K.

Latest from the Podcast

Tuesday Tip: Tip for Managing Stress During the Holidays

Tuesday Tip: Tip for Managing for Stress During the Holidays

December 13, 2022

You hear a lot about meditation, journaling, sleep and all those things that reduce stress. They’re great and you should…

3 Overlooked Website Traffic Sources to Grow your Online Sales

EP378: 3 Overlooked Website Traffic Sources to Grow Your Online Sales

December 8, 2022

We’re in the thick of the holiday season right now and this is when the most sales usually happen. And…

Tuesday Tip: Million Dollar Maker Mindset

Tuesday Tip: Million Dollar Maker Mindset

December 6, 2022

If you're not getting the results you want in business, the number one thing that is standing in your way…

The 3 Core Habits of a Highly Successful Maker

EP377: The 3 Core Habits of a Highly Successful Maker

December 1, 2022

I was talking to our Diamond Insiders Coach, Dawn, about why some business owners give up on their dreams.  She…

Tuesday Tip: Quick Tip to Increase Your Average Order Value

November 29, 2022

Today, I want to talk about a quick tip to increase your average order value as a small business owner.…

EP376: Simple Ways to Express and Embody Gratitude (Even When Things Are HARD)

EP376: Simple Ways to Express and Embody Gratitude (Even When Things Are HARD)

November 24, 2022

In honor of Thanksgiving, I’m going to get a little more personal than usual today.  I’m going to share some…

Tuesday Tip: 3 Hidden Profit Centers in Your Jewelry Business

Tuesday Tip: 3 Hidden Profit Centers in Your Jewelry Business

November 22, 2022

I recently got a message from a lovely designer in our community, and it went something like this: “Oh my…

EP 375: The New Age of Brick and Mortar Retail with Jennifer Gandia

November 17, 2022

Have you ever dreamed of opening your own brick and mortar jewelry business?  This week I had the pleasure of…

The Ups and Downs Podcast Featured Image

Tuesday Tip: The Ups and Downs of Entrepreneurship

November 15, 2022

I’m dropping into your earbuds this week to give you a short and sweet tip to keep you motivated and…

EP 374: Joy and Human Connection NYC Jewelry Week

November 8, 2022

This week I am so excited to interview the founders of New York City Jewelry Week, Bella Neyman, J.B. Jones,…

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About Thrive By DEsign:

Business and Marketing Strategy for Fashion, Jewelry and Creative Brands

Each week, Tracy delivers in-depth shows with sales and marketing strategies that consistently work to attract your perfect customers and keep them coming back for more.

Plus, she dives deep into the systems and best practices that build a sustainable, profitable business for the long haul. Regardless if your a jewelry designer or a fashion and accessories brand, subscribe and tune in every week.

Join us as we interview major players in the jewelry industry and beyond, and learn how to start, scale and grow your brand from the biggest players in the industry.